Pinocchio // Kdrama review

I didn't think I'd find a show as good as While You Were Sleeping this soon, but I did and it's Pinocchio. I searched for shows to watch after WYWS and I found this so my friend and I started watching it together. It took a few episodes to get into it but I LOVED it once I did. I must have watched Pinocchio about two weeks after WYWS (yes this review is really late) and it instantly got me obsessed about it instead of WYWS...

From Twinkle, With Love || I thank the existence of Sandhya Menon

I read When Dimple Met Rishi mostly because it had Indian MCs. And I really liked it. For the first time I could relate almost completely to the characters and THAT MADE ME HAPPY, OKAY? I've been awaiting this book since I finished WDMR. I feel incredibly lucky to have got the chance to review the ARC.

The Belles || what a brilliant concept

Okay so WOW. I don't know what I expected going into the book but I did not expect THIS.

I've seen the hype about this book around and since I prefer reading a book when it's NOT totally hyped up, I waited a while before picking it up. And I loved it.

The Plot

In this world, everything revolves around beauty...

The Name of the Wind // magic, mystery and epic fantasy

My best friend DJ had been persuading me for A YEAR to read this book because it's his favourite. The thing is, it never seemed like something I would like and my TBR is filled with books I'd prefer to read more. Finally he lent me his copy and because I have a paperback copy, I read it.