Crash and Burn || the plot twists are A+

crash and burn.jpgTitle: Crash and Burn

Author: Lisa Gardner

Genre: Mystery

Category: Young Adult (isn’t really categorized so I’m saying according to what I think)

Status: Book 3 of Tessa Leoni but can be read as a standalone



Sophie Hannah says it’s ‘the perfect thriller’, now read Sunday Times bestseller Lisa’s Gardner’s compulsive and unputdownable thriller CRASH & BURN. A WOMAN, UNABLE TO REMEMBER THE EVENTS OF A CAR ACCIDENT, JUST WANTS TO KNOW WHERE HER DAUGHTER IS…. If you love Karin Slaughterand Tess Gerritsen, you’ll love Lisa Gardner.

My name is Nicky Frank.

I’m in hospital, afraid. All I can think about is Vero. I have to save her but I can’t find her. She’s just a little girl. The man by my bed tells me we’re married and there is no Vero. He says that six months ago I suffered a brain injury, that I have dramatic mood swings and large gaps in my memory. I get angry and I drink. All of which explains the car crash that put me here.

Now a Sergeant Wyatt Foster has questions about the accident. He has concerns about my husband. And he’s worried about a missing girl. He would like to know what happened to me. So would I.

This is my life. Watch me crash and burn.


The first time I read a Lisa Gardner book was in 7th grade (I think?). I was in the library and I was checking out the mystery/thriller section. I randomly picked The Other Daughter because it drew me. And I LOVED IT. I even wrote a review about it last year or so because it deserves every good review it can get.

So I was in the bookstore and I took this book the second I saw it, no hesitations. I want to read all of her books in time.

Note: I read this book as a standalone without knowing that it’s part of a series and had no problem, so reading in order isn’t required.

The Plot

Right from the beginning, I was drawn into the book.

The book starts with Nicky driving drunk, thinking about saving Vero, and her car overturns. In a situation where any other person would have died, she managed to get herself out of the car and climbed a ravine to get to the road in her very injured state. All for Vero.

Immediately the police start searching for a child named Vero but they find absolsutely no traces of her.

During the investigation, secrets and mysteries pile up and then are removed layer by layer. And let me tell you, there are a LOT of layers.

Is knowing who you aren’t the same as knowing who you are? Is knowing you’re sick of running the same as knowing how to fight?

Is knowing that you’re tired of forgetting the same as knowing how to remember?

The Characters

The book is written in multiple POVs but it’s mostly through Nicky Frank. And we’re taken on a roller coaster ride. I loved how all the characters were written. Each had depth and they all affected the investigation.

The main highlight was, obviously, Nicky. The author wrote her BRILLIANTLY. She was perfect and it couldn’t have been done better.

I can’t say much without spoilers, sadly.


I finished the book pretty fast considering college the amount of work I had. Once I was done, I couldn’t stop raving about it!

A friend asked me to tell her the story and I spent a whole day in college narrating it to her. SHE GOT SO INTO IT Y’ALL. I told her exactly how the book went and at this one point we were having lunch and I had just stopped at a twist to have a bite and she yelled at me to finish. She was too into it and she said I HAD to finish before class started because she didn’t think she’d be able to survive class peacefully without knowing.

Even my other friends who heard the story in bits got into it. It’s REALLY good. I totally recommend it to everyone.


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