april bullet journal setup

April Bullet Journal Setup

Oh look it’s me posting another bullet journal setup after who knows how long! In my defense, I DID mean to post last month’s setup but I was so caught up in IRL* things that I didn’t even have the time and before I knew it, the month was over.

*In real life

I didn’t even bullet journal much in March. Maybe around 5 days? I used my bullet journal to plan other things and note down stuff but actually write to-do lists? Nope. It’s more of a random notebook to write things and track stuff than actually bullet journal. But oh well, whatever works for me, right?

I know I’ll be using just as less this month as well so I made it simple.Only front page and trackers.

I was bored one day and felt like doodling so I spent a little time drawing the font page. It’s the only thing I spent a little time on.

april front page

Last month I switched up my trackers and I really like how it turned out..

march habit trackers

(yes I’m REALLY behind on my commenting game. Really need to up it this month)

So I made almost the same thing for April as well.

april trackers

And that’s it for my April setup! It’s simple, a little colorful and has less things I need to update.

Are you bullet journalling this month? Was your March busy like mine was? Are you expecting your April to be busy or lax? What are your thoughts on tracking habits? Is it a good thing or is it overkill? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “April Bullet Journal Setup”

    1. That’s why the bullet journal system is the best—we can change it to how we want depending on what works for us. Thank you!


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