March Wrap-Up // too many books + While You Were Sleeping obsession

At this point I’m not even surprised at how much time has passed with me doing nothing. March was pretty busy for me. It’s April today and I still feel like it’s March. I hardly found time to blog as I spent time reading and bingeing shows. I usually have my blog posts written in advance but I’m writing this post right before posting so you can see how out of planning I am.

Book reviews I posted:

Number of books read this month: 17

This brings up my total of this year to 70 books! I’m almost half-way to my Reading Challenge of the year y’all!

On the blogging world:


I found this managize called Unread Magazine and it’s super nice! They publish articles across all topics and they’re really interesting to read. Click here to read the last issue. You can also reach out to them and contribute articles.


This blog post by Marie on Is Book Blogging Still Relevant? is super insightful and talks about how social media has made it so that most people don’t visit blogs to know about books anymore, they prefer reading on Instagram or Twitter itself.

Smol IRL things:

(In Real Life)


My phone began showing issues with charging and I got worried. It’s only been a year since I got my phone and I quite like the camera so I was hesitant to buy a new phone. After about a week of charging only in one angle, it stopped charging altogether! I tried with my parents’ chargers and it showed that it’s charging but the percentage never went up.

Since my phone’s charger isn’t available in stores except the service centers (which aren’t nearby or are open only select times) and I needed ASAP, I thought I’d have to buy a new phone. But I went to a few mobile accessory stores and tried and one of them had a charger (a rip-off, not original) but it worked! So now my phone charges again and I’m happy.

I even tweeted the updates lol.


I binged Brooklyn Nine-Nine until a few episodes into season 4 and IT’S SO NICE Y’ALL. It’s really funny and entertaining and the cast is perfect. I’ll continue watching it after season 5 is done airing.


I watched While You Were Sleeping, a Korean drama, on the insistence of a friend and I FELL IN LOVE. I binge-watched it in two days, not going to college one of the days to finish it, and it’s THE BEST. It’s been a week since I watched it and I’ve made other people start watching it as well. I’m also obsessed with the soundtrack (listening to one of the songs right now!).

I’ll write a whole blog post on it soon.

Other than these small things, my March has been pretty uneventful with a busy college schedule. All I did some days was go to college and do college work at home or study for tests. Oof the tests this month were h e c t i c.

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How was your March? What did you do? Did you binge-watch anything? Did you get obsessed with anything new? Do you have any plans set for April? Let me know everything in the comments!

16 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up // too many books + While You Were Sleeping obsession”

    1. Haha yay! I’m so obsessed with it! I’m listening to the soundtrack on repeat everyday 😌 I’m currently watching It’s Okay That’s Love. I’m at the 9th ep but I’m not that into it? Have you watched it? Do you think I should continue watching?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t watched that yet, if you are not into it, maybe you can stop and start something else. But I’m currently watching Radio Romance and going to watch The Great Seducer next.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. IT’S AMAZING. It’s my first kdrama and it’s got me interested in watching more! I looked online for recs and am currently watching It’s Okay That’s Love. I also saw I Hear Your Voice but I really did not like the female MC so I gave up within a few min even tho the guy is nice. Do you think I should still watch it? Also please do recommend be some dramas! I’d love to watch more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t watched I Hear Your Voice as it didn’t interest me much but I did enjoy It’s Okay That’s Love. (Also, you can skim a bit of my K-Drama reviews to see if they fit your taste or not! Definitely not self-promoting XD). Anyway,You can definitely give Just Between Lovers and My Beautiful Gong Shim a try within contemporary genre and when it’s comes to fantasy I think Goblin it a must watch because Goblin and WYWS are my top favourites!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You have read 17 books this month??? HOW. This is incredible ahah I admire people who can read so much 🙂
    I get it about your phone, it’s so stressful at times when it doesn’t seem to work and that’s when we realize how addicted we are to it all, haha. Glad to hear it’s workin again though 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my post!! I hope you’ll have a lovely April 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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