Favourite songs of the month

It’s time for the monthly song recommendations! In other words, me getting an excuse to listen to these songs again and gush about them.

I ended up loving a bunch of songs this month, quickly changing my favourites when I heard new songs.

There are quite a few this month so let’s get to it!

Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato

The song is pretty cool with badass beats but I quite like the music video as well! They take a while before starting the song to build up the story but it’s worth it.

Fireflies (cover) by Emmanoodle

I’ve been following emmanoodle for a while. Her voice is really cute but also she is ADORABLE. You can see it in this video itself. I also really like her cover of Lost Boy by Ruth B. I always find myself singing along if I know the song. I really like her covers especially because she adds her charm into it.

Electric Love by BORNS

My friend introduced this song to me and I ended up really liking it! I listened to it on repeat for days. I love the beats and I sing along to it without fail every time it plays.

Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle

I can’t let you go now that I’ve got it

All I need is to be struck

By your electric love

Kadhal Ennulle by Nivin, Nazriya Nazim

Okay so this song is old BUT when it came up on shuffle one day I just fell in love with it?? Like, HOW have I never been in love with it before? I listened to it on repeat for over a week and I’m listening to it right now, still in love with it.

Nenjukulle Nee by Jai, Swathi Reddy, RJ Balaji

Ooh second Tamil song in one list. After Kadhal Kannulle, this played and I was like ???? Best combo ever? Maybe? I listened to this on repeat along with that lol. Even listening to this makes my heart happy, no lie. When the chorus hits, I just can’t stop from moving along to the beats and smiling.

Hurricane by Fleurie

I love all of Fleurie’s songs and I have listened to this with love before but I also spent about a week listening to pretty much ONLY this song. I could NOT stop listening to it! I love her voice, I love the lyrics and I absolutely love this song.

Delicate by Taylor Swift

HI I LOVE THIS SONG. ALSO THIS VIDEO. I’m not a huge fan of hers and I only like some of her songs but this one BLEW ME AWAY. I’ve never seen this side of her that she’s shown in the music video and I just ?? I’m in love with this side of Taylor? She’s finally being herself and looks HAPPY. That makes me like her.

Also at the point when she made faces at the mirror, recording for this music video that’ll be on the internet forever, she’s done it with all the bloomin’ confidence and I LOVE IT.

Aand that’s it for this month! I’ll see y’all in a couple days!

What songs were you listening to on repeat this month? Recommend me some! Have you heard the songs I listed above? What’s your take on them? Do music videos affect your opinion of the song? Let me know everything in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Favourite songs of the month”

  1. Yes to Tell Me You Love Me – I’m in love with that song and Demi’s vocals and lyrics never disappoint! I can’t wait to see this live in a few days 😀

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