Flying Without Wings || short poetic read

flying without wings.jpgTitle: Flying Without Wings

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romance

Status: Standalone



For Milli Bajwa, life is at a stand-still. Grounded in the Chandigarh airport where she works day after day, she watches flights leaving for destinations she knows she’ll never visit. Loveless and luckless, she would rather bury her nose in a book than face her grim reality. And then, on a whim, she swipes right on a new dating app, and finds the man of her dreams – someone who can sweep her off her feet and teach her how to fly. But the mysterious and charming Karan Singhania has secrets of his own, and a heart damaged in more ways than one. This is the story of two people about to find out how far they’re willing to go for the promise of true love.


I’ve been seeing this book around for a while now so when I saw it in the bookstore, I picked it up. I wasn’t very impressed but it’s a good enough read.

The Plot

Millie Bajwa has been living a less-than-mediocre life, barely making ends and living in a crumbling house with her pill-addicted mother. She works in a gift shop in the airport and watches flights and dreams.

On the other side of town, Karan is heading a well-off company, living in a mansion but is very lonely. Add to that, his health history has made him want to live to the fullest everyday.

On a whim, both join an app called Clickr, which is a little like Tinder, and they begin texting. Soon, they’ve fallen a little in love through texts and each other’s words alone. The book is their love story.

The Characters

Since we got chapters from both POVs, we get to know both the characters well.

I didn’t get attached to either character but I did like how they were written. Millie is trying her best to live happily with what she has and Karan just wants to find someone who will love him for him and not his money.

One thing I really liked was that despite Karan being rich, able and willing to solve her problems, she solved them herself and got together with him free of all that. He doesn’t swoop in and become her white knight in dark times.

The Romance

Since it was built through words, not lives or looks, I really liked it. The romance was also quite slow burn so it takes a while to take off for real. The writing style held me back from really enjoying it, though. (More on that below.) I also didn’t get much feels.

Writing Style

I read in the back that the author was poet, and it showed. There was more focus on writing beautiful sentences than writing to make the reader feel or get immersed. At times I found it really annoying and had to pause reading.

I wanted to get on with the story but there were paragraphs of just beautiful description. I prefer more focus on the story, so I didn’t enjoy the book much.


It was okay. Not bad but I’m not enamoured with it as well. If beautiful sentences is your thing, go for it.


3 thoughts on “Flying Without Wings || short poetic read”

  1. Hmm, some books just turn out like this, and it is frustrating.In my opinion the best writing is when you do not have to struggle at all with the style but just fly through through the book, feeling satisfied.

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