Hannah Carmack: Building the Ultimate Book Playlist

Hey everyone! I’m so pleased to announce that we have Hannah Carmack, author of Take Your Medicine, here to guest post today. She’s written a post on making book playlists which is super helpful so I’m going to sign off here and let you read her words.

If there’s one thing besides books that writers love to talk about, it’s music. Most writers have some kind of playlist that to listen to either while they write or in order to get them pumped up for writing.

In recent history, authors like Sarah J. Maas and Marissa Meyer have started putting together playlists inspired by their novels. (Thank you, Spotify!) These are not only super fun to see, but also gives the reader an extra bit of insight into the world.

For my new release Take Your Medicine I followed in their footsteps and created a playlist. However, I took things a step further and made an immersive, read-along playlist you could listen to while enjoying the work. Spending all that time working on the playlist got me thinking about how wrong it could go. A few poor choices and the whole mood of the tracks could be thrown off.

So here I’ll breakdown how to build an awesome book playlist.

First things first, you need to pick the atmosphere/tone you’re going for. Sure, while writing you may have listened to Diablo Swing Orchestra, Ellie Goulding, and Franz Ferdinand, but at the end of the day those three artists definitely do not transition well into each other. So pick your tone and start whittling down your choices.

Second, consider how you want your playlist set up. Do you do 1-song per chapter? Per
section? Just put the songs in any order? Chronological? By character? The more precise your direction, the easier it will be to put your playlist together.

Third, get to work! Just like writing, your playlist will require some edits, so the sooner you have a first draft the better. Once that’s done, give it a listen, edit away. Enjoy your playlist the way you would anticipate your readers to. If at any point you’re thrown or feel the playlist isn’t working. Change it up. Play around until it’s perfect.

And last but not least, wrap it up short stuff. Playlists are fun, but they shouldn’t be crazy long. Your readers will only be interested so long as it’s engaging. Better to be in-late and out-early, rather than drone on and on.

Speaking of droning on…

Take Your Medicine releases today, 5th Feb 2018, so make sure to check it out!

Click here to buy at Amazon!

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