Jane the Virgin season 1 review

This post has been a long time coming. I watched season 1 so long back, I’m a little worried I hardly remember anything. I’m currently a few episodes into season 3 and have lost the interest I had in Season 1 so.. I don’t see myself binge-ing it further just yet.

I asked on twitter last week which post to do and this got the most votes, so here we are. I’ll only be talking about season 1 to avoid spoilers, even though I’ve seen season 2.

What is the show about?

Jane Villanueva is in her 20s and a virgin because she made a vow to remain chaste until she’s married. She has a steady boyfriend named Michael, whom she’s about to marry, and a happy family with her mom and grandmom when The Incident occurs.

The Incident is Jane getting accidentally artificially inseminated with sperm, hence making her pregnant, without her knowledge because the doctor screwed up. Jane went in for a pap smear and got a baby. Every woman’s nightmare.

The father Raphael (unwilling sperm donor) finds out and offers to make a deal with Jane. He and his wife will take the baby after he/she is born, allowing Jane to go back to her life. Only, does she want to?

We follow Jane and other characters in her life as they navigate waters after The Incident. 

What makes the show really interesting?

The drama.

The show has a humourous, entertainingly cringy and drama-filled storyline that kept me hooked in. I loved the way all the characters tied together, the backstory to all of them and how they all got connected in various ways.

Although we start off with the pregnancy and that’s the main thing, there is SO MUCH MORE to the story. We have Jane’s relationship with her family, her relationship with Michael, her evolving relationship with Raphael, a drug crime thing on the side whose leading detective is Michael, Raphael’s relationship with HIS family, and a lot more. A lot a lot.

My absolute favourite thing about the show is the narrator. The narrator is an off-screen character who’s basically overlooking all the events and also provides us with comments as if he’s human and is watching the show with us.

The recaps at the beginning of every episode is really fun as well. The narrator tries to recap everything really fast but considering all the drama and cross-linking ties in the story, after a few episodes it becomes a little too much and the narrator himself gets overwhelmed. So every episode we’re recapped with everything related to that episode and we move on because recaps themselves could take a whole episode, if elaborated.

My reaction to Season 1

I loved the whole storyline. It’s different, quirky and made me laugh a lot. Season 1 takes place over the time period from when Jane gets pregnant to when she delivers the baby. It’s a WILD ride.

I really liked the show, overall! Gina Rodriguez is a wonderful actor and she plays Jane perfectly. I love the rest of the cast as well. You can feel the chemistry. Also since I’ve taken to following a few of them online and see them hanging out with each other, I can see how their bond translates onto the show.

My take on the characters

Jane is a determined and well disciplined woman. She sticks to her schedules, is responsible (because she wants to be the opposite of her mom who is very irresponsible) and loves writing. Her passion is writing—specifically romance, and she doesn’t give up on her dream no matter what. She loves her family, is loyal and is pretty much the golden child.

Xiomara, Jane’s mom, is the complete opposite of Jane. She got pregnant at 16, has been chasing the dream of becoming a popular singer all her life (without finding success) and is pretty irresponsible. Sometimes it’s easier to view her as the 20s girl and Jane as the mom.

Alba, Jane’s grandmother, is the typical wise woman. She came to America with her husband Mateo and even though he passed away a long time back, he is always in her thoughts. What I liked most about her is how she’s done with Xiomara’s nonsense and is basically the all-knowing grandmother giving advice and support all the time. She’s a good sport. Oh and she always speaks in Spanish. No English, ever.

Michael, Jane’s boyfriend, is a little boring. He’s a detective and all but I found him boring. He’s really perfect for Jane, though. He’s understanding, supportive, always there to listen to her and gets along well with her family. He’s also won approval by dating Jane for TWO years without having sex with her. I mean.. what dedication. He waited.

Raphael is the hot, rich hotel owner who was very wild back in the day but has toned down since he got cancer. He’s now married, but is in confusion about his feelings toward his wife Petra. Because of the cancer, he cannot have kids and the only way he has is if they use his sperm sample that was taken way back. He’s.. okay. He’s a less popular stereotype with the “stuck in marriage with a woman who only wants him for his money”.

Petra is the number one villain of the show. She’s two-faced, does whatever it takes to live well-off and is always thinking about herself first. She’s also got a very mean mother. I think over the two seasons, I liked her character arc the most. Her character goes through SO MUCH and she goes through multiple personality and life changes, it’s very interesting to watch.

Other small things

I LOVE that this show’s main cast is diverse. Five of the main cast are people of colour and I love that a diverse show has become so popular. We need more of this.

Not only that, the show also shows the life of an aspiring writer who’s trying to manage various things in her life and also stays true to her passion. She works hard for her writing and it inspires me.


I totally recommend the show if you want to watch something funny, light and really entertaining.

Have you watched the show? What do you think of it? Or is it something that you’d like to watch? Do you prefer shows with action, mystery or drama? Tell me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Jane the Virgin season 1 review”

  1. Oooo I love this show so much- I definitely agree with your review! I’m all up to date so I can’t wait to hear what you think of the storylines in the other seasons 🙂

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