An Arranged Love Marriage || a love story out of the Indian cliche

an arranged love marriage.jpgTitle: An Arranged Love Marriage

Author: Safina Khan Soudagar

Genre: Romance

Status: Standalone



The Arranged Love Marriage is a romance based novel which takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. Given below is the synopsis of the novel. ‘Miss, are you alright?’ That voice… Her tummy fluttered and her eyes flew open to clash with the deepest grey eyes ever. The buzzing of the phone stopped, and so did her heart. Saphira Varma, at twenty seven is well-established in her dream company and is happily single until her parent’s wish for her to settle turns her world upside down. Her heart is locked away, but a loveless marriage to a stranger might be just the thing to placate her parents. But as her past questions her present and threatens her future, she is uncertain. Will Saphira find the lost key? If you’re a challenge woman… I certainly accept. A business minded Sameer Malhotra hadn’t expected for an arranged marriage to land up on his to-do list. But he finds himself agreeing to just that. A girl of his parent’s choice might bring him happiness. He wasn’t sure until, he found himself feeling for a woman who was captivating and left him curious. Will Saphira’s past make this a one-sided love? Not if Sameer can help it. There will be a marriage, the question is, ‘What kind?’


I read a review on this book by a blogger I follow and I was instantly caught. A love story born out of the freedom-less Indian way of things? Yes please!

The Plot

We’ve got Saphira Varma, successful in her field and happy with her life. Her parents start looking for guys to marry her off to because it’s been long enough and she’s still single. Saphira doesn’t want to but plays along for her parents’ sake. Classic Indian story.

Enter Sameer Malhotra, very successful businessman and a romantic at heart. His parents are looking for girls for him as well. Eventually, the two pairs of parents contact each other and our MCs meet.

The story is of how, through an arranged meet and relationship, the two main characters overcome their issues and fall in love, hence making it a love marriage after all.

The only thing that I had reservations about, story-wise, was how fast Sameer fell in love with Saphira. It was almost insta-love. They’d known each other for a week. But then, this is my issue with pretty much every love story. If you’re good with insta-love, I’m sure you’ll like the book better.

The Characters

Sameer is the ultimate gentleman. I loved that he didn’t push Saphira to return his feelings—he always accepted her reservations and tried to get to know her better. He loves his family and has been raised well. He’s quick to get attached and also quick to defend his views. The only flaw in him is that he starts arguing in a flash and he sometimes isn’t exactly sure what to do, hence botching the plan.

There was a part where he argued with Saphira’s friends over a very silly thing, and I cringed a lot. I could have gone without that. It did cement his character because of what he did later but I found the topic of argument not as important as it seemed.

Saphira is an independent woman. She’s worked to get to her position and she’s also very close to her friends. Since she loves her family, she agrees to consider arranged marriage. I liked that despite Sameer wooing her, she still was skeptical about the arranged marriage concept and she took her time to fall in love with him.

Such irony, it’s dangerous to talk to strangers yet, it’s perfectly okay to marry one.

As for the supporting characters, I liked them well enough. Not too much but yeah they’re okay.


One major thing that kept throwing me off from enjoying the story is the editing. Or lack thereof. I really wish the book had been edited better.

Other than that, the book is a nice light-hearted read that you can finish in a short while. There are small cliche elements in it but it adds to the overall “fairytale” charm. And by fairytale I mean the possibility of finding love in an arranged marriage—which is pretty much a fairytale.


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