January 2018 bullet journal setup

I’ve seen so many new people setting up bullet journals newly this year and that makes me so happy! The bullet journal community has been growing steadily, with a huge rise in bullet journalers these past two years. I love it. I love all the planning going around.

I’m still in the middle of finals right now, so I didn’t have much time to think about my 2018 setup and that’s unfortunate because I could have added a lot more. My finals would have been done today but two of my exams got postponed in the beginning so they end on 11th now. I can’t wait to be done.


First is my 2018 cover page. I drew a circle and randomly started doing whatever I wanted with no plan in mind, and this is how it turned out. I marked the last page of 2017 (on the left) with washi tape on the edge to mark where it ends, so I can find the mark easily later.


Next is my 2018 calendar. I did not do a future log because 1) I don’t really use it and 2) the Rhodia GoalBook comes with printed future logs in case I need them.

Then I wrote my goals. I could have made this spread prettier but honestly I just did NOT have the time and motivation to. I’ve separated my goals into general and blogging, leaving some space if I want to add more goals later.


I didn’t do any more yearly spreads so the next is my monthly setup. I’ve kept it almost exactly the same as my December setup because it worked pretty well for me.


This next setup is the same as well. The only difference is that I will be tracking my comments this month instead of studying since I won’t be studying after the 11th. As I said in my blogging resolutions post, I’m doing the Comment 365 challenge so I want to keep up with that.

I didn’t plan on having any other spreads but I ended up adding a couple later on.

The first is a Milestones page, just to write down highlights and milestones of January. I took the idea from Christine MyLinh on YouTube.


Before I decided to make the Milestones page I did a list of pending book reviews and I couldn’t change that.

Later, I saw May‘s excel sheet where she wrote down columns to track her reading and I thought it’s a brilliant idea. So I made a reading stats spread as well.


And that’s it for this month’s setup! I really should go study for my final which is on Monday. See ya!

Do you bullet journal? Have you wanted to? What are your goals for this year?

14 thoughts on “January 2018 bullet journal setup”

  1. I see more and more bullet journal oriented posts, but I’m not very familiar with them. Given issues with my hands, I find I prefer digital formats over handwritten things. It doesn’t take long for my handwriting to get illegible :/ so to do long term handwritten things requires a lot of stop and go and is infuriatingly slow.

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