How to be a Bawse || Start off 2018 on the right foot

how to be a bawseTitle: How to be a Bawse: A Guide to conquering life

Author: Lilly Singh

Genre: Non-fiction, self-help

Status: Only book


From actress, comedian, and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh (aka ||Superwoman||) comes the definitive guide to being a bawse—a person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because they’ve fought through it all and made it out the other side.

Told in her hilarious, bold voice that’s inspired over nine million fans, and using stories from her own life to illustrate her message, Lilly proves that there are no shortcuts to success.

WARNING: This book does not include hopeful thoughts, lucky charms, and cute quotes. That’s because success, happiness, and everything else you want in life needs to be fought for—not wished for. In Lilly’s world, there are no escalators, only stairs. Get ready to climb.


We make resolutions and goals every year. They might be unrealistic, you might not reach those goals by the end of the year, but what matters is TRYING.

I read How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh (popularly known as Superwoman, her YouTube stage name) last month and I LOVED IT.

In 50 small chapters, she touches on everything she believes are stepping stones for success—from self-image to hard work, no piggybacks to being kind. And it is motivating as heck.

Aptly named, How to be a Bawse: A Guide to surviving conquering life talks about making it good, not just making it to the next day. How to improve from the basic manners to long-term goals, it’s all in this book.


Reasons why you should buy this book:

1. It’s very very motivating

And how else do you want to start off this year? With EVERY chapter I read, I was motivated to do more, work harder and present myself better. Sometimes I read only one chapter a day, but it’s enough. Those two-three pages are enough to motivate you to get up and get stuff done. Perfect to start your mornings with.

2. Her voice is perfect

She writes just as she talks in her videos—only a little less jokes and more advice. It was entertaining to read it because there were jokes and TV show references but there is also helpful advice in EVERYTHING she says. If she makes a joke, it’s relevant to what she’s trying to say. And she brings it all back to the point she’s making brilliantly.

3. Her advice comes from experience, and hence it’s the best

People giving advice about something when they haven’t ever experienced the situation is like asking someone to throw a stone blindfolded and hoping it comes to you. That is highly unlikely.

With pretty every advice she gives, she narrated a time which taught her that or when it worked for her. It worked. And she’s where she is now not just by luck and ignorance but by working and changing habits.



I also really liked her pictures at the beginning of every chapter! She looks amazing in every single one of them, and I might have just stared at each photo for a couple minutes because damn she looks good.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone because it’s relevant to everyone.

To end this review, I’ll leave you with a really nice quote from the book:

You’ll never truly know if you can accomplish something or be great at something if you don’t commit.


Have you read this book? Are you into motivational books/speeches? Do you watch Superwoman’s YouTube videos? What are your goals for 2018? Have you started working on them yet?

22 thoughts on “How to be a Bawse || Start off 2018 on the right foot”

  1. I love Superwoman! I started watching her videos again when she did those Christmas collabs. I never knew that she published a book. I’m definitely going to get a copy. Great review, and have a wonderful year ahead!

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  2. Well, I feel pretty awesome about myself and what I’m doing all ready, but who doesn’t need more goodness in their life?
    2018 is going great so far. Got some goals, and so far I’m doing pretty good at them. My secret? Make super easy goals. 😛

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  3. I only watch two youtubers but i have seen a few of her videos and i find her really funny and entertaining. i feel like from your review this would be a book i’d really enjoy (and don’t we all need a little bit of motivation from time to time!)

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    1. Welcome to the blogging world!
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      3. Have a good about page! It’s the first thing many viewers will see when they visit your blog
      I’ve also posted blogging tips posts on my blog so feel free to check them out!

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      1. Hey Sumedha! It’s Udita here.
        My blog has been up for a about a month now and I’d really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback about my blog. You could follow too, but that’s not my priority right now.

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  4. I’m shook lol,I recently wrote the exact same blog-post=a book review on this book.But I gotta admit,your review is much more detailed.Love your blog overall,keep blogging<3


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