2018 blogging goals

2018 blogging goals.png

Before last year, I never made resolutions. Seriously. I’m a person who makes plans as opportunities come and just go with the flow. I don’t make long-term goals because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep them up with life’s changes. I do make some goals monthly but not yearly.

But last year I saw everyone in the blogging world make resolutions and felt like making some too. I did and I never saw that list again. But I just checked back and I did manage to follow-through with some goals, not all.

So why am I making resolutions again this year, you ask? Because I have hope that eventually I WILL follow through all. I also want to set proper goals unlike the very vague ones last year.

I do have a few personal goals as well, but I’m just talking about the blogging ones today. There are not many but each requires time.


[1] Comment more

356 commenting challenge logoFor a few months in the middle of 2017, I fell back on commenting. I hardly read blog posts, even. But I started picking up after and recently I’ve been trying to comment more on blogs and Instagram.

So that’s my goal—comment more on blogs and instagram. Give back more of the love.

I’ve also signed up for the 365 commenting challenge hosted by Nori over at ReadWriteLove28. The goal is to visit and comment on 365 blogs throughout the year, pacing however you want to. I obviously want to comment more than that, but this will get me to visit new blogs so I signed up.

[2] Have less backlog of reviews

I read a lot of books and I spend way lesser time reviewing them. Hence, I sometimes end up with over half a dozen pending reviews accumulated, review a bunch of them in batches at once and also leave off a few. Right now I have about 8 books to review. And I’m really hoping I haven’t forgotten what was in them.

I’m going to work towards having lesser backlogs which means reviewing as soon as possible, or at least noting down my thoughts so it’ll be easier to remember later.

[3] More bullet journal posts

These are actually some of my most popular posts but I do mostly only one per month and that is my monthly set up. I have so many ideas but I just need to execute them. I’m going to do more posts on bullet journalling, preferably at least two per month.

[4] Take more blog photos

I have been taking a lot of my own photos for the blog recently but I still mostly use stock photos for the header images. I want to work on taking more aesthetic photos to use generally and for the header images.

Once my exams are done, I’m going to sit down and first list the types of photos that I could use generally and shoot them. Later, I’ll work on taking pictures on spot throughout my day.

I want to reach the point where every blog post has photos and all the images are my own. This might not happen this year itself but I want to work towards it.


And that’s it for my goals! They’re few in number but all of them require work every few days in the least and I think I’ll have my hands full.

Have you made any resolutions/goals for this year? What are you focusing most on—career, personal, family, hobby etc? What goals are you most looking forward to work on? Tell me everything in the comments!

14 thoughts on “2018 blogging goals”

  1. Ooh, I LOVE these. I want to comment more, too. I LOVE reading blogs & commenting…but I really fell behind on that last year as well. I love your goal for taking more blog photos! While I haven’t made any blogging resolutions this year, I would love to be braver & share more of my personal photography. 🙂

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    1. Glad you loved them!
      I’m always a believer in lesser and specific goals so you’re probably going the right route. I hope 2018 is great for you!


  2. I’m not good with photos. I really need to do better with that but photography is something I love but suck at! I want to incorporate it however in my blog! I also would like to comment more even tho I try my best regularly, I could do better! I’m sure all your goals will be reached. 2018 is bound to be lit!

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    1. I think photography takes time to understand? At least, I hope so, otherwise I won’t improve 😌
      Yep, 2018 is going to be lit! I hope you have a great year!


  3. One of my resolutions is to comment more as well! I feel that my online presence in the blogging community has been embarrassingly limited, so I’m hoping to make up for it.

    I wish you all the best with your goals! Happy New Year!

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  4. Blog photos can be sometimes hard, because you can be so into staying inside and writing you forget to go outside.. I just wrote about my blogging goals too, I hope you can check it out!

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