5 things to do after publishing your blog post

5 things to do after publishing your blog post

If you’ve been in the blogging game long enough, you would have realised how much work blogging actually takes. You’re not just a writer—you’re an editor, graphic designer, marketer, the creative mind behind the content AND the one shaping it into something publishable, and many things more.

It’s all a matter of how you effectively balance all those positions and become better at them. A schedule and/or a checklist helps. It makes sure you don’t forget to do something.

Today I’m here to help you out with a small checklist on all the things you could do AFTER publishing your blog post to increase the views and credibility.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s easy to miss on doing these things.


[1] Always read your post once after publishing it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re someone who schedules posts or an instant publisher. READ YOUR POSTS AGAIN. Preferably a little while after you wrote it. Come back and view it as your readers would—not from the editing page.

It’s very easy for grammatical mistakes to exist. In your flow of typing the post, you would have completely missed it. And your sentences matter. If professional brands look at your posts, you don’t want them deterred by a simple typing mistake even though you’re perfect at the language. It also matters in SEO.

Check if your images are seen as you want them. Due to glitches your images might not load. Sometimes the image might appear way larger than you want it to—taking over the screen and focus instead of accompanying your text. Similarly, it might be too small. Or it might not be aligned as you want it to be. Always read your post once to see for small problems.


[2] Post on social media

And don’t just post a link—write some text to go with it. Make it personalised. Even though I have automatic tweeting of my posts enabled, I make sure to type out at least one tweet with my latest post with a short sentence on it and some hashtags.

Hashtags matter. When people search for those, they’ll come upon your posts. Doesn’t matter which social media, hashtags are pretty much everywhere. Twitter, facebook, IG stories—add a bunch of RELATATIVE hashtags. Not random ones that are popular but have nothing to do with your post.

Major social sites that I have experience with:

  1. Twitter. Very important for bloggers. Add those hashtags and tweet more than once, with considerable time gap between two. Many bloggers even schedule tweets to go up for the next month or six months with decreasing frequency. Also a small tip: find the retweet accounts. They have a lot of followers. If you follow and tag them in your tweets, they’ll retweet your link hence making it reachable to thousands more viewers.
  2. Instagram. Don’t share the same blog post very often but do put it on your story for the latest one. And provide a clickable link. There’s no point if the blog link in your bio isn’t clickable. There’s also no point in adding the link in the captions of your posts—they aren’t clickable.
  3. Pinterest. If you pin your posts in appropriate boards, it WILL get you traffic. Pinterest is a little underestimated for the exposure it can give you. If your post tells something new to the readers or teaches them something, PIN IT. Those will catch eyes.
  4. Facebook. I don’t use facebook and don’t have a page for the blog, but it can be very useful. Even without me sharing, I’ve noticed a small percentage of traffic from facebook, probably because someone shared my post. It’ll only be more if you have a page and share your links regularly.


[3] Reply to comments

Almost all the bloggers I’ve come across do reply to comments, but I’m still saying it. Reply as soon as you can, and try to encourage conversations in your comments section. Simply thanking for the comment is good, but it wouldn’t make the reader feel as welcome as if you spoke to them as a friend.

But at the very least, reply to every comment. The reader will feel more welcome to come back to your blog.


[4] Link your blog post elsewhere

For memes such as Top Ten Tuesday, a linky is provided every week where you can add the link to your posts. If you do something similar, and there’s a chance to link your post, do it.

The easiest way to link your posts is by going to your old blog posts and adding links to the latest one. They immediately create links and it’s all in your hands. Again, make sure the links are relative.

Another tip I recently read in a blog post was visiting blogs that use commentluv. The system allows you to link your latest blog post in the comment and it counts as a backlink. Read the original blog post for more.


[5] Check view-ability on all devices

A lot of times (especially with WordPress free themes, I’ve noticed) pages don’t seamlessly adapt to different screens. This is crucial when customising your blog—to make sure that your blog looks good in mobile phones, tablets AND dektops/laptops. Fluid layouts are important.

But you can customise in your posts as well. I’ve noticed in many blogs that when GIFs and images are added, they’re too huge in mobile screens. I’ve uploaded images myself which look good in desktop view but does not in mobile screens. Usually posts look the same, but image alignment and size is the only thing that might change the way your post looks.

I’m sure there are other things I haven’t mentioned or that I don’t know about (I’m by no means a blogging expert), but these are five things that I think are important for a blogger to check up on.

Do you already do all of the things I mentioned? Do you use any social media other than the four I mentioned? Is there anything else you can think of that can be included in our checklists? What’s your view on the work it takes to be a blogger conquering all areas? Worth it or no?

27 thoughts on “5 things to do after publishing your blog post”

    1. Frequently! I always schedule but sometimes I forget and hit publish without setting the time. I immediately copy the html, delete it and draft a new one lol. But now after the update there’s an option to revert to draft, which is really useful.

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  1. They’re great tips! I always share to social media after I’ve posted, over twitter and Pinterest mostly and on my Instagram story. Pinterest group blogging boards can be really useful, and I find a board dedicated to my blog and it’s posts to be great; now that we are able to split boards into sections on Pinterest it has turned my blog’s board into a catalogue like resource of all my posts as I can split them into categories such as ‘lifestyle’ and ‘blogmas 2017’. I get a small amount of traffic from Pinterest and I’m still working my way around using it efficiently but I like it!

    One thing I’m really bad at is checking a post after it’s gone up or sharing it around as soon as it’s gone up, I’m too lazy!😂I’ll have to start scheduling tweets in the New Year, have you got any app recommendations? 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked them!

      I only noticed yesterday that we can section our boards and I’m not completely sure about how to do it so I’ll get on that soon.

      For Twitter I’ve used hootsuite before and I’ve also heard that Tweetdeck is good.

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  2. This is so true!! Sometimes we think it’s very natural to reply to comments, but a lot of people don’t do that, when it seems like a very simple thing, it really means a lot when people take the time to reply to your little message!!
    A lot of the times I don’t read my posts before publishing, and then if like someone I know irl tells me they read it I’m like I’mma read it and then I find the stupidest typos lol 😛
    Posting on social media is probably one of my fave parts of publishing!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Comment replies make us feel welcome and heard.
      Haha I reread as soon as I can after my posts go up and immediately I open the editor page to fix typos. Sometimes my best friend reads and tells me there are typos and I’m like “dude I can’t even write a proper sentence, I can’t believe I typo’d that” 😂😂

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  3. I don’t trust myself with scheduling. I do sometimes do it but I have a habit of getting to it manually first and publishing it when I actually decide I am ready. There is something of the OCD in me here I am sure.

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