Rhodia GoalBook review

We bullet journalers take our stationary seriously. Especially the notebooks and pens. We are always in the search for the perfect notebook to use as a bullet journal.

Today, I’m here with a review for the Rhodia GoalBook notebooks. I have a couple of these—one dot-gridded and one normal gridded.

Let’s get into the review!


The book has soft covers which feels really smooth, and have an orange elastic band. The band is a little flimsy, personally. There are also TWO ribbon page markers.

The print on top of the cover is indented.

After a page to fill in owner information, six pages are given for contents/index. Ample space for anyone who meticulously indexes their pages.


After that, there are two sets of pre-printed future logs with all 12 months.

This is the first:



There are two spreads, six months per spread, with the dates of the month going vertically. The year isn’t specified for general use.

If that isn’t your type, the second type of future log should suffice:


Two spreads with six months per spread with some empty space for every month for us to note as we wish.

After that, with one page empty, the gridded/dotted pages start.


There are 224 pages for us to use. The pages are numbered in the bottom corners.



In both the notebooks, each grid is 5mm squared. There are 29 boxes horizontally and 41 vertically.

I love the quality of the pages. They’re really smooth and silky.


There is a back pocket in the books to store any papers or stickers that you’d like.

Pen test

I did a small test when I first got the books, to check for ghosting and bleeding.

The normal pens showed no ghosting, and the brush pens showed on the other side. But no bleeding.

Although, when I draw and colour with a stick pen:


There was ghosting and bleeding:


I expected it, though. I haven’t found a notebook which didn’t bleed the ink a little.

My only problem with this notebook is the binding. As I was using, one of the pages came off halfway and I stuck it back using tape. Not efficient, but I didn’t want to make those spreads again.


I haven’t had this problem with any other pages, though. Just this one.


I like the book, and I recommend it if you don’t have a habit of inking. Without the colouring with the pen, it shows very less ghosting and that makes me happy. Plus the pages feel so smooth.

I give it..


Are you fussy about notebooks? What is your ideal notebook?

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