2017 New Adult Reading Challenge // round-up

2017 New Adult Reading Challenge

There are so many amazing reading challenges, just keeping track of them takes work. This is why I don’t join in on many, and those I do are more general.

I’m a fan of New Adult books, especially romance, and this challenge was perfect because I’ll be doing it without putting much conscious effort. I read a lot of New Adult books anyway. I also didn’t do monthly updates because as I said keeping track of challenges is in itself a job.

So! Now that we’re nearing the end of 2017, I thought I’ll do a round-up of this challenge and see how I’ve done.

This challenge is hosted by Catia @ the girl who read too much. There are two parts to this challenge:

  1. Focusing on the number of NA books read. There are labels for certain milestones.
  2. Focusing on the themes of the books read. There’s a bingo for this.

I decided to participate only for the number and not the bingo, but I think I’ll just see in the end if I can manage to cross a few off in the bingo as well.

Overall number of books read this year (yet): 197

Number of NA books read this year (yet): 57

Whew. I actually didn’t read that many NA books. YA for the win this year, looks like.

So I get to claim the New Adult Expert label!


the love gameBest NA book read: The Love Game by Emma Hart

This is a hate-to-love story, cliched and yet not, and I LOVED getting to know both the characters as they tried to trick each other.

It’s THE college story I want, with all the crazy college elements to it plus romance plus how each individual’s past affects their view on love.

Read my review here.

enticed by you.jpgWorst NA book read: Enticed By You by Amy Muscat

I DNFed this book, and I don’t think we can go any worse than that. To be fair, I DID read almost 60% but I simply couldn’t bear it after that. I meant to write a review, but I kept putting it off and finally decided not to because I didn’t finish reading it to give a proper review anyway.

I didn’t like it because we are given A LOT of details about very small mundane things that the MC does, but we never get to see the couple talk. NEVER. It was random details, sex scenes and narration about their talks. After two times of the MC narrating in her head what he said about his years away from her, without us seeing one proper talk between them, I DNFed. Yeah, no thanks.

Now onto the NA Bingo..

Let’s see if I manage to tick off some boxes without trying (yes I try to be talented like that).


Book set in college: Oh this is easy! The Love Game by Emma Hart.

A reread: Wait for you by J. Lynn. I don’t know why I reread it but I did.

Book about friendship: A little tricky to find.. Can I say Friends without benefits by Penny Reid? *shrug*

Book with only male POV: This will be hard? Let me check my Goodreads lol. Oh okay found it! Leo’s chance by Mia Sheridan. This was a reread as well, actually.

Book based on it’s cover: From previous experiences I usually try not to go on the cover for NA, but Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield DID have a nice cover. I was drawn to it more based on the title, though lol.

New to you author: Lauren Stewart! I read Darker Water by her and really liked it!

Diverse novel: The Partnership by Charlotte Penn Clarke had a female MC with Hawai’ian heritage.

Book you can finish in one day: Pretty much every NA romance novel, to be honest. But I’ll go with Here’s to falling by Christine Zolendz.

Hyped book: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas. (I refuse to accept that it is YA) I also hyped it up a lot prior to release but it actually disappointed me.

Book set in summer: Ah.. this will be hard to find. Oh wait! It actually wasn’t. The boy I hate by Taylor Sullivan.

Book that made you laugh: Truth or Dare by Mira Lyn Kelly!

2017 release: Easy. Most of All You by Mia Sheridan, a recent read.

Book with music or art: I’m trying not to repeat books so Breakable by Tammara Webber with a male MC who draws really well.

Book about roadtrip: Again, The Boy I hate by Taylor Sullivan.

Book out of your comfort zone: I mean.. I don’t really have one? I’ll say Virtually Impossible by Lauren Stewart which had affair and boss-employee relationship which I don’t really like. (Review coming soon)

Book you knew nothing about: I don’t usually pick NA books I know nothing about. I always see the Goodreads synopsis and maybe a few reviews. I’ll go with Faking it by Cora Cormack because I picked it up simply because I really liked the first book in the series. I DID read the synopsis beforehand but I would have read the book even if I didn’t.

New Adult Bestseller: Easy! Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. I think it’s NA, not YA.

Start a new series: I read lots of NA series so I’ll pick Losing it by Cora Cormack.

Debut novel: Nooo how do I know which are debut? I’ll have to sit and look through everything! :/ Okay I think I found one. Reason to breathe by Rebecca Donovan.

One word title: Um. Dirty by Kylie Scott.

Book about sports: Whoa have we finally come to a category I can’t tick off? Ooh okay how about instead of choosing a book with an MC who plays sports (Getting Lucky Number Seven by Cindi Madsen), I pick one with an MC who covers sports? Now and then by Mira Lyn Kelly has a female MC who is an NBA camerawoman. I’m letting it count.

LGBTQ novel: Nope I got nothing. I just go for straight romances!

Book reccomendation: Okay..? If I’m going to recommend an NA book, it’s definitely going to be The Love Game by Emma Hart.

Bottom of your TBR: I assume this means a book I read which I’ve marked to be read a LONG time back. I generally pick up NA as they come so.. I’ll have to leave this blank as well.

Hey, not bad! I’ve checked 22 out of 24 boxes without even trying!

So that’s the round-up of the New Adult reading challenge I participated in this year. I’ve really got to go and do some studying now as I spent the first part of the day hanging out with friends, and hence not studying for finals. See ya tomorrow!

Did you participate in any challenges—reading or otherwise? Did you have any challenges that you set for yourself? Are you planning on having any 2018 challenges? Are you an NA romance fan? Tell me everything!

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