Top ten book worlds I would run away from

top ten book worlds I would runaway from

And let me tell you, there are a LOT of them.

Last week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish was the worlds we WANT to visit, and I figured why not do one the opposite!

And since they’re obviously worse than the current world we’re living in, I’d at least try to run away.

Reasons why I would most probably get killed in a week in the following worlds:

  • I have absolutely no combat skills whatsoever. I might imagine myself as this badass fighter who’s got swag, but in reality I’m just a girl munching on biscuits and spouting lame comebacks.
  • I am pretty sarcastic but NOWHERE near the level of the awesome characters in these worlds
  • Someone could uncover a dagger to kill and I’d freeze, hence die.
  • I’m not cunning or overly strategic. I have problems following simple orders because I question the plan until I realise all my ideas are stupid.
  • Although, I could maybe sit at a ruling/judgement panel to decide who will die because I’m very good at judging.* But I would suck at deflecting bribes without getting kidnapped.
  • I would overthink everything to the maximum level until I’m useless to everyone around me.
  • If I see pizza, I’m gone. No regrets.

*GOOD judging, I promise. I’m good at the other judging as well, but not the point.

Now that we know WHY I would run away, let’s see the worlds in question.

[1] The world of Matched

I kind of liked the first book, but I pretty much hated the second and third. Mostly because it seemed as if the story was going in an arbitrary direction without GPS.

I did NOT like the world. Somewhere where music, poetry and freedom of speech and will was taken away to curate a “perfect” society without blemishes. Sort of like The Giver* but in a story poorly executed.

*review coming in two days so look out for that

[2] The world of The Hunger Games


I mean, this HAS to be said. It’s like saying Harry Potter in worlds I want to runaway to.

The unfairness, random killings for minor offences, starvation, the Hunger Games… yeah nope I wouldn’t survive.


[3] The world of Throne of Glass


I’m talking about Erilea, NOT Antica. I may not die but I WOULD want to run away. That is not a place I want to live, and considering how I’m not very fond of Aelin and crew (Dorian’s fine but.. meh), I would still run to Antica even if they win the war.

[4] The world of The 100

Forget a week, I would die IN A DAY. Or maybe an hour, if things go particularly wrong. I swear, the death and destruction in that show makes me glad I’m wont be alive for that era, if it ever comes to be.

[5] The world of Game of Thrones

Same as previous. I wouldn’t last a day if I was anywhere NEAR the foray. And considering the fighting takes place literally everywhere, I would bet on me not surviving. And honestly, the depravity with the way women are treated in that world makes me sick*.

*I’m not really a fan of the show. I stopped watching a few episodes into season 6, and I’m surprised I went that far.

[6] The world of Divergent

Being conformed to one type in a box is EXACTLY why I haven’t set a niche for my blog. I HATE being only one thing. I’m more than just this one thing I do or am good at. A person is way more than the sum of his/her parts and the society in Divergent considers only ONE part!

Maybe in the new world after that society has been demolished and remade, but I still wouldn’t go for it.

I’m also not really a fan of Divergent.

[7] The world of Legend


I’m having enough problems with academic tests that decide the path my life will take in THIS world. I would NOT want to live in a world where a test taken at 10 years old determines what you’ll be—even to whether you’ll be allowed to live or not. That amount of pressure at 10 years old! Being me, I probably wouldn’t have cared and bombed the test, signing my death warrant.

[8] The world of Six of Crows

I haven’t actually read the Grisha trilogy so I’m going to tell just based on Ketterdam. I would NOT last. I may be level-headed and calm under stress (mostly) but I suck at making plans and being cunning enough to be well off in such a world. Kaz is brilliant at it, though. Brilliant.

[9] The world of Truthwitch


From what I’ve read, even the characters themselves know nothing of what’s exactly happening. The don’t even know WHY magic-related things happen. There’s some treaty, war, everyone running around allying themselves with some kingdom, and just clueless chaos. I wouldn’t want to be in that world where I’d have to keep running around to find a good place to stay.

[10] The world of The Iron Fey

If you haven’t read the series, the Fey are BLOODY CUNNING. All the twisted truths/lies, alliances, spells, deals and more random stuff that I just do NOT want to be involved in. I hate just about every Fae I’ve read about in the books (excepting very few) and I don’t want to live next to those “Good Neighbours”, thank you very much.


What bookish setting would YOU want to run away from? Even if you end up there, do you think you would have/learn the skills to survive? What worlds that I mentioned are on your list as well? Do link me to your TTTs so I can check them out!

7 thoughts on “Top ten book worlds I would run away from”

  1. I don’t want to live in Hunger Games world ever. 1) I’d probably died on the first day and 2) even if I survive, I couldn’t imagine living by being someone’s source of entertainment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True that! But isn’t that basically what some celebrities do? Live for our entertainment, with reality TV. If you think about it, the only thing missing is the death and blood. There’s enough drama.


  2. I love this twist on last weeks top ten Tuesday prompt! I’d probably be the same as you.. I like to think I’d do well in the hunger games but realistically I’d be the first to die.. And I would definitely die in Game Of Thrones, I don’t think anybody really stands a proper chance in those books. Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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