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For 99%* of us bookworms, books define us. Book characters are who we are and book worlds are our worlds. And bleeding from all those influences, reading habits are pretty noticeable considering we read ALL THE TIME.

*I assume there are some bookworms who actually manage to NOT be a made up of parts of all the books they’ve read, because they’re somehow immune?? HOW? They’re the “Divergent” of us. But I’m assuming they make up only 1%.

I saw this tag over at reviewsbysavi and it looked pretty cool (plus this blogmas is making me run out of ideas a little) so I’m doing it as well!

Bookmarks or a random piece of paper


First of all, where would I find a random piece of paper from?? I’ll have to tear it from somewhere, and where would that be? THE BOOK? Nope nope nopity nope. I use bookmarks and I love bookmarks.

I used to remember the page numbers but in senior year of high school academics started turning my brain into mush and made me dependent on bookmarks.

Most of my bookmarks are from Amazon which I received along with books I ordered, but I do have a couple I made myself. There was this one bookmark that I received from an author as part of a giveaway which was only printed one side, so I used the other side to paint a background and wrote A Crown of Midnight in calligraphy. Guess what? While selling back a book to a second-hand bookstore, I LEFT THE BOOKMARK IN IT. I FORGOT ABOUT IT. And now someone else has it and I hope they’re using it well, or they left it in the book for more people to use. I just hope it hasn’t gotten destroyed or thrown somewhere 😦

Stop reading randomly or stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages

Neither but I guess I lean more towards randomly? If I have a choice of stopping and I’ve got nothing to do, I try to stop at a point where there’s no suspense—whether that’s in the middle or at the end of a chapter. But I’ve noticed that usually authors try to end chapters with small cliffhangers so I try not to wait till that and just stop wherever.

If I stop when something AMAZING is happening or there’s a cliffhanger/big reveal, I will think about it every second until I pick up the book again, and that is not productive.

Certain place at home for reading?

When at home, I usually read while sitting or lying on my bed but that’s because it’s the only proper place to sit in my room and I’m almost always in my room than the rest of the house.

But recently with college, I’ve been reading more during classes than at home because I’m either blogging or doing assignments at home—leaving hardly any time to read. While in the classes I’m anyway not paying attention in, I try to read discretely. *shrug* Gotta do what ya gotta do.

Eat or drink while reading?

Generally neither because it could go in two ways:

  1. I forget about the food/drink because I’m to engrossed in the book and my beverage became cold.
  2. I pay way more attention to what I’m eating than reading because the book is boring.

Either way, not effective.

But if I HAD to choose, I’d go with beverage. I’m really careful while drinking or eating with books nearby and more often than not, crumbles fall on the book and I HATE that. Easier to manage drinking and making sure the liquid doesn’t fall on the book.

Music or TV while reading?


Funny story*, a few years back I was reading the newspaper (back when I actually used to) and saw a picture of a girl reading with earphones in her ears. I was so confused about how she could pay attention to the book with music in her ears. I really get into music as well so if music was played, more often than not my attention would be split. I even wondered out loud to my mom and she basically didn’t care so she gave a mediocre “I don’t know” reply and went back to her work.

But several months after that incident, I put in earphones while reading a book and I found that with the right kind of music, you can block out other sounds and still read with concentration.

I listen to music while reading when there’s a lot of noise, but it’s not preferred. And a definite NO to TV**.

*Or not funny, whatever

**Not that I actually even watch TV. When I want to watch shows, I just binge them online. Only my dad watches TV regularly (for news) and mom switches it on everyday to let devotional songs play out loud in the morning/evenings.

One book at a time or several?


I used to be a strictly one book gal until recently, but for the last few weeks I’ve taken to reading more than one. Probably because one is an ebook, one a paperback and another a beta-read situation.

I usually stick to one book because when I start one, I’m too absorbed in it. I finish reading pretty fast and then move on to the next book. The only exceptions are when a book is REALLY boring that I’ll have to pause it and read something else. More often than not I end up DNFing that book I paused (which is what happened to King’s Cage, which I haven’t picked up ever again).

Reading at home or everywhere?

I have always been reading everywhere, whenever I can. This has especially been facilitated by the existence of ebooks and also last benches in class where I can read books with the people in front of me covering the book from the teacher #skills

But when I can, I try to carry a paperback around with me and read. When I had a membership in the local library, I used to read all day long and go every day to exchange and issue a new book. Can’t do that if I have a preference for home.

My only issue is not reading in moving vehicles because it gives me a headache. But this also means that nowadays when I spend two hours a day travelling back and forth from college, I can’t utilise those travel hours. I end up listening to my bus playlist and sleeping lol.

Reading out loud or silently?

Silently, always. I read faster when it’s in my head and I’m not reading out loud.

However, sometimes when I’m alone, I like to read out loud and jump into character even more. I day the dialogues to try to become the character and say the way they say it. (And there you have some embarrassing fact about me; I’m gonna regret putting this out to the world, aren’t I?)(meh)

Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?

Back when I first started REALLY getting into reading, my mom spoke about when she and her sister used to inhale books like they were air. She said that for almost every book she used to read the first chapter, last few pages/chapter and then read the book properly. So she already knows the ending,

My question to her was: what is the point of reading then???? WHAT ABOUT THE FEELS? Yeah she’s one of those “I’d like to remain sane thanks bye” types. Muggles.

So no, I don’t read ahead or skip pages. How much ever I want to skip pages, I don’t but I am guilty of skim reading which I do quite often when I’m bored with the book/part.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Obviously keeping it like new!! BUT, I do agree that it’s hard to not break the spine, especially since I mostly read paperbacks. I’m too engrossed in the book to care about spines. *shrug* I do become disappointed when I notice the broken spine later on, though.

Do you write in your books?


I don’t! I religiously don’t and I try not to have open pens around so there are no random scratches as well. If I do want to note down something, though, I use sticky notes. I’ve got quite a few of them and this is why I bought them*.

Sometimes I also stick tabs and write down in a notebook with the page number as reference to where the comment goes. But this is usually for reviews only.

*Not really but this is the best use, don’t you think?

Who do you tag?

I tag:


What are YOUR reading habits? Do you share any of them in common with me? Do you religiously use bookmarks as well? Do you listen to music or watch TV while reading? What are other reading habits that you think matter (to us anyway)?


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    1. DO THIS TAG! It’s really fun!
      Maybe that’s because we’re towards the end of the year? I always feel like I should cram as much as I can in these last days to make this year seem productive 😂

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