December bullet journal setup


It’s time for another bullet journal setup post! And you do you what that means? It’s the start of another month and…. wow okay I gotta stop for a second and freak out* about how it’s December already?! Only one month left in 2017! I don’t know about you, but I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything to move on, satisfied, from this year.

*What else do I even do these days? I should add in bio: freaks out about time, all the time.

I remember last year’s December bullet journal. That post became pretty famous*, actually. It was because I tried a new type of habit tracker and it looked really nice and everyone liked it. I liked it as well, it looked really nice. My point is, that doesn’t seem like very long back! Not a year back! I really hope I do better next year.

*for me, famous is even 5 comments.

But! Not to forget that we still have ONE MONTH left. Which is 31 days long, out of which 25 days are still waiting to be conquered. Although I’m not sure how much conquering I’ll be able to do considering I have finals this month, I can still try.

Now after those 200 words of freak out/motivation talk, let’s dive into why you came here for.


My last journal became full by the end of November and therefore I started a new bujo for December. I know that many people would rather start bujos in January or a proper “beginning time”, and I’m the same. I actually expected the previous notebook to last this month as well, but due to my extensive note-taking for blog posts, it got filled up.

I was excited to get into my new notebooks that were waiting for January, though. Cureently, I’m using the Rhodia GoalBook which I really really like! (Let me know if you want me to do a review on it!) It’s specifically made for bullet journallers with a few pre-made spreads.


Since I was starting a new book, I HAD to make this month’s set up pretty. So I headed over to my bujobeauties instagram account and looked for inspiration. I found this butterfly design in a picture by charl.eebe and drew it. Other than that, the page is pretty simple and I think I’ve cracked the “simple but decorative” monthly page this time.


I’ve always wanted to have a vertical timeline for the month but all my previous notebooks didn’t have enough lines/dots (I don’t use plain notebooks). I was so glad when I got this book that I could do a vertical monthly log. I quite like the look.


I’ve actually stopped really gleaning any information from my habit trackers. They’ve kind of become useless. I used to track a lot of things and slowly it’s come down in number to what I’m finding useful. This month, I’m only tracking three things to see what my schedule looks like in December. If I did that thing for the day, I will put a cross on the number. Simple.

Since I had space left, I worked in the mood tracker. It’ll be like my mood chart from last month, only smaller and I’ve written levels on top.


And on the right I have my expense tracker, which I have every month.

Overall, pretty simple as usual and I’ve stuck to less spreads so they’re easier to keep track of. This month, I want no distractions except studying for finals and blogging for blogmas. My goal is to ace both of these things this month.

How does your December look like? Are you a planner? Do you bullet journal or use a ready-made planner? How is your setup for this month—minimalistic? Descriptive? Christmassy? Let me know in the comments! Also do say if you want me to do a review of the notebook I’m using like I did last year for my Doodle notebook.

6 thoughts on “December bullet journal setup”

  1. I don’t have a bullet journal, but I’m planning on getting a planner from Micheal’s (no pun intended!) Your butterfly drawing is so gorgeous 🙂

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