Top ten book worlds I want to runaway to

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This world sucks. None of us like it. And that’s most probably the reason why we love reading books—it takes us to a different world, which might not be perfect, but is still one we want to be in instead.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and The Bookish, is Top ten bookish settings I’d love to visit.

I don’t want to just visit, I want to live there.*

*This line reminds me of The Space Between Us movie in which there’s a line: “In twenty hours, the Magellent61 (?) will travel 6 astronauts to Mars—not to visit but to LIVE there”. If you’re a romantic, you HAVE to watch this movie.

[1] The world of Warcross


This world is FAR FAR away from perfect, but I LOVE the idea of such technology and gaming. Wow. And I won’t deny it, if I was there I would be totally into Warcross as well. I know that our world will someday be that developed but I probably won’t be alive and kicking then, and I REALLY want to experience it all.

[2] The world of The Shadow of The Wind

There’s this place called The Cemetery of Books in Barcelona which is a HUGE underground crypt/library. It’s where all the books that don’t exist outside live, basically dead books, hence called “Cemetery of books”. Many librarians and curators bring books there for safe-keeping. It has never-ending rows of stacks with thousands and thousands of books.

When someone comes to the Cemetery for the first time, a book chooses them. It’s like wands in Harry Potter—the book chooses the reader. And you can take it outside and read, and it’s your responsibility to take care of it because that’s the only copy still existing.

If I ever got in, I WOULD NEVER LEAVE. There’s always a “caretaker” who lives in and looks over the library. I will take up that role with tears in my eyes and spend my life in there. Sun? Who needs sun when there are books inside.

[3] The world of TMI


I want to be Nephilim. Or a warlock or a faerie, I don’t really care what species. I WANT TO LIVE THERE. That fantasy world is where I imagine myself when I think of another place. A world with angels and angel-bloods, where there so many races and there’s immortality. I probably wouldn’t last a week as a Shadowhunter, I get that. But I would take anything. I would give anything just to see Idris for one day.

[4] The world of ADSOM

Wow The Shades of Magic series was brilliant. It didn’t make me cry, but it’s up there with all the books that made me cry WITHOUT making me cry. It’s THAT. GOOD. And the worlds. Red London is where I want to live. It’s fine if I’m one of those without magic, but I would love to see the contests and just be surrounded by magic.

[5] The world of Heroes of Olympus

And I say Heroes of Olympus, not Percy Jackson and the Olympians, because the Roman demigods are there in the former. In middle school, when I inhaled all the books as fast as I could, I wanted to be a demi God so bad. The friendships, bonding and family-feel of the the Greek camp was GOALS. I never had those friendships I read about, and I thought I had to get myself into such a camp for that.

Later, when I read about the Roman camp, I loved it as well. The two camps are very different—the Greek more casual than the Roman, but there are families in the Roman camp. And all I wanted was to fall in love and have a great life. Mostly great friendships and adventures, though.

[6] The world of Harry Potter


I mean, this HAD to come. I watched the first Harry Potter movie only a few days back, and still thought that my letter just got lost somewhere. There just wasn’t enough effort put into finding me like Harry because he’s The Chosen One and I’m not.

Yes I’m 18 and I still dream, but LET ME LIVE, OKAY?

[7] The world of Tower of Dawn

Why Tower of Dawn and not the entire Throne of Glass? Because I don’t like Erilea. I don’t like any of the kingdoms in Erilea, including Terrasen or what it used to be.

But I DO love Antica, which was the setting in Tower of Dawn. We were taken to the southern continent, and there wasn’t much magic but they were surrounded by it, and the kingdom was thriving. It was dream goals. I would give up all my books to live in Antica, any day. Not kidding.

[8] The world of ACOMAF


As much as I want to be part of The Night Court, I know that my personality is more of The Winter Court. And you know what? I don’t care whatever Court (probably not Spring or Dawn though) I want to be in that world. I want to be in Prythian, and I would LOVE to live in Velaris. It sounds so dreamy and perfect. Velaris is exactly the type of city I want to live in. Thriving with it’s own artists’ corner, a river and good rulers. That’s the dream.

[9] The world of Girl Online

Despite the rumours around this book and it’s author, I did quite enjoy the book and I want to go to Brighton. Not only because of the book’s setting, but also because the author Zoella lives in Brighton with her boyfriend, and I frequently watched their vlogs for over a year. I fell in love with Brighton. It’s the right mix of country-side, beach town and city. I. WANT. TO. LIVE. THERE.

Maybe someday when I have saved enough to spend in Pounds (the currency exchange makes me want to cry), I’ll move there. Or maybe just visit because it’s unlikely my parents will move with me and I don’t want to leave them and go abroad.

[10] The world of Unearthly

There was this time, right around when I found TMI, when I was obsessed with angels. Any books I found with angels in it, I was reading it. Unearthly is one of them.

The angel-blood history and concepts are different from any other book I’ve read centered on angels, and to this day I want to believe that I’m a Triplare and I just don’t know it yet because being one is dangerous. TO THIS DAY.

Yes I’m 18 and I’m still fanciful but DO YOU BLAME ME.


What book/movie/TV show worlds do you want to runaway to? Are there any you’re just DYING to live in? Where do you picture yourself if you were given a choice to go anywhere? Comment links to your TTTs as well so I can see them!

10 thoughts on “Top ten book worlds I want to runaway to”

  1. OF COURSE Harry Potter needs a mention. I’m still devasted my letter hasn’t arrived yet (I mean…mail is notoriously unreliable, right? It could totally still be out there…somewhere.) I actually love the world of TMI, too. I’m currently reading LORD OF SHADOWS and falling back in love with CC’s world of the Shadowhunters, and I’m remembering just how much used to love it. ❤ Still need to read TOWER OF DAWN & the ACOTAR series (…I'm so embarrassingly being with books these days, gah), but I'm sure I'll love them too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I’m blaming my misguided muggle life on the mail system.
      Oh gosh LoS was… Everything. I KNOW you’re going to love it so much.


  2. I’ not surprised that Harry Potter has made it to this list because let’s be honest, who WOULDN’T wanna go to Hogwarts? It’s like a comfort place for all of us nerds ❤
    I finished Percy Jackson this year and I’m really excited to read Heroes of Olympus soon ❤
    Great post 🙂
    – Zainab @ A Bibliophile’s Obsession

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If it would be a world to live in, my answers would probably be different from my TTT answers lol. To LIVE in, I would choose Harry Potter’s world (providing I also got magic of course. Squibbing it would suck.)

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