A day in a blog post // 03.12.17

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It’s blogmas day 4! And do you know what they say about day fours being special? Actually, nothing. But none of the days are actually special unless you MAKE them special. So take up this day in a positive note and do something you love, enjoy yourself! You could learn something new or talk to an old friend and be nostalgic, or you could start on making your dreams become a reality.

Everyday is a clean slate, and YOU get to decide what’s on it.

I’m really motivated today, I don’t know why, but I am. And I love being motivated and optimistic that what I do today will have a positive impact, albeit a small one, on my future.

If you don’t know, I’m a huge motivation nerd*. What I mean is that I love motivational things. For example,

  1. TED talks which teach me things about what I should do to make it good in life.
  2. The book How to be a Bawse: A guide to conquering life by Lilly Singh (also known as Superwoman). When I borrowed and read the book, I was blown away. When I had a little bit of time, I would bring it out and read the further chapter and just soak in advice.

Basically, I love getting advised by others, by their experiences and what they’ve gleaned from it. And every time I watch a TED talk or read something good, I get the energy and motivation to do something—which usually ends up with me blogging or studying. And those are good things.

*I literally just made up that term.

So you, yes YOU, after you read this blog post (or this paragraph, I don’t mind) go and do something productive. Make this day 4—or a day 5 or a day 6, whatever day you’re on, whichever calendar you’re on—special. Be satisfied by what you did on this day at the end.

This was not the point of this blog post, but you know what? If I even made a teeny tiny impact on you, I’m glad I wrote something which might not even make sense. I don’t know.

I’ve been wanting to do one of these “one day in a blog post” posts for a while now. Basically, I wanted to try vlogging, but in a blog post. So here I am, sitting on a yoga mat laid out on the floor of my room, eating JimJam biscuits and just typing about my day.

I ended up sleeping after 3am Saturday night because I simply could NOT fall asleep, and since I had to attend a wedding yesterday morning, I had to wake up early. I got around 4 and a half hours of sleep, and it affected my energy only for the first one hour.

I’ve noticed that the more I sleep, the more I want to sleep. But when I’ve slept for less than 7 hours, I’m more crisp later in the day. I don’t know why, but I’m like that.

So I woke up at 7:30, got dressed really slowly and had breakfast by 9:30am and I was ready to go. Four of us went to the wedding together, just chilled and looked at the ceremony taking place. If you don’t know, I’m Indian and we have very different type of weddings. And they include A LOT of rituals. It could even go upto two days with minimum sleep, but that’s how it is.

We left after eating lunch over there and I reached home around 1:30pm. At this point, my lack of sleep was starting to affect. All I wanted was to change into pajamas and sleep. But instead, I noticed the sunlight coming into my room through the open windows. And how is this special, you ask? Well, it’s winter and due to some depression at the coastal areas of south India, my city was getting affected as well. Meaning, non-stop rains or really cloudy days. Hence very less sunlight. Two days back, we switched on the tubelights at 2 in the afternoon! Because it was that dark!

I obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some bookstagram photos (speaking of, follow me on Instagram! #shameless_self_promo). I spent about an hour taking photos with new themes that I had thought of, which will hopefully last me another 15 days. I post on Instagram twice a day so I prefer taking a lot of photos in advance and posting them on schedule instead of taking them on that day. Which would be very inconvenient, considering the weather.

After that, I continued reading Wonderwoman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo that I was buddy reading with Aditi and a few others on Instagram. I had less than 100 pages left, so it didn’t take me long to finish. I REALLY liked the book! 4.5/5 stars. I will write a review on it soon so you can know all of my thoughts.

Throughout the photoshoot and reading, I still was a little sleepy. But when I got to the ending of the book, my sleep vanished with all the revelations in the story. I did NOT expect those plot twists.

Then I got to texting with a friend, who reminded me that I had to narrate the story of a book that I read a couple days back to him. The book in question is Virtually Impossible by Lauren Stewart. I have read and reviewed the first book in the series (read my review here) and I was really looking to this one. So I spent a few minutes narrating what happened, in short, to him in voice messages. He’s not a really a reader so there’s no point of me not trying to spoil the story. Besides, I can freely rant if I want so win-win.

After that I basically wasted some time online, and saw a HUGE number of angry/disappointed tweets about Goodreads and NetGalley.

If you don’t know what’s been happening with the two sites, let me explain.

Goodreads used to host giveaways for authors and publishers and only took the shipping charges in payment. From January 9th, they’re setting in a place a new Giveaway system. Basically, there are now “packages” and they’re asking for a lot of money to host giveaways. And the amount for international giveaways is exorbitant. Hence, this move is cutting off all international readers from even ENTERING the giveaways.

I’m an international reader/blogger as well, and I’m VERY upset with this move. Already, there are very few giveaways for the books I’m interested in which include my country and now I’ll have pretty much zilch chance of ever winning a Goodreads giveaway. I don’t understand what they mean to do with this decision.

Goodreads is turning out to be an American-centered website than a global one and I’m hurt. We international bloggers already have a hard time being in pace with the American bloggers and I never thought that Goodreads would start showing extra preference to America. (No offence to any Americans, I’m just disappointed we’re being cut off.)

Now, with the NetGalley issue. I’m not a very frequent user of NetGalley. I’ve requested only a few times and have received only one e-ARC copy. I’m not very much into the requesting ARCs front. I spend more time reading reviews and reading books I like after publication. That’s totally fine. BUT I am disappointed that even if I decided to want to request an ARC now, I won’t really be able to. NetGalley has very much limited the books we international bloggers can request. Instead, we can only “wish for it” and that’s a direct irony if I ever saw one.

I do NOT understand this move. e-ARCs require NO shipping and NO expense on NetGalley’s side. I don’t understand, at all, what made them give full access to American bloggers and cut the rest of us off. We have enough audience as well, and we work very hard as well.

So naturally there has been a LOT of outrage on the move of both these sites online, especially Twitter.

I read a blog post by thebookcorps which has summarized EVERYTHING into one neat blog post in the form of a letter to Goodreads and NetGalley. And I think every blogger should read it, especially the ones who will be affected by these new schemes.

So yeah, that was bumming. A lot.

Oh and I had put up a poll two days back asking twitter* to vote on what book I should read next. The choice was between Autoboyography by Christina Lauren and Eliza and her monsters by Frencesca Zappia. All 16 votes were for the latter so I started reading it yesterday evening. I read it in one sitting and I LOVED IT. I had so many feels and I’m pretty sure I’m in a book hangover because I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ll write a review soon**.

*Speaking of, follow me on twitter as well! #more_shameless_self_promo

**wow so many reviews to write

After that whole ordeal of sitting online and reading tweets and blogs, I spent a little time blogging for a post to go up later.

If you haven’t read my November Wrap-up, you might not know that I have finals this month. Finals on top of blogmas and bookstagram is bound to get a little stressful, so I’m trying to schedule a few blog posts in advance to take some of the upcoming stress off.

I live by scheduling blog posts, especially considering that I’m mostly a “mood blogger”. Meaning, I only blog when I have the mood and I don’t have any set schedule. When I’m in the mood and have time, I write multiple blog posts and then chill when I don’t—not worrying about having to get a blog post up in two hours.

I spent the rest of my evening chilling because from today I have to start studying for a final I have on Wednesday. It’s a lab final and I need to start to studying. This one week has been like a mini-vacation and I’m really sad I have to get back to exams and all that.

And that’s it for my day! I’ll see you tomorrow with a Top Ten Tuesday post.

How was your day? Are you going to make today special? Gonna be productive? What do you think about the Goodreads and NetGalley moves? Are you an international reader/blogger? 

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  1. I will definitely enter giveaways for books you want! But I am also trying to find other sites that are like Goodreads, because this is ridiculous. Have you found any yet?

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