November wrap-up || 11 tests+Bookstagram+Blogmas (and more)



Seriously, though. Where has 2017 gone? Petition to henceforth call 2017 the Did It Even Exist YearTM

Books I reviewed:

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5 reasons why you should

ten books i want my future kids to read

Smol notable things that happened


I wrote a lot of tests. In total, I had 11 tests this month. And this is excluding the 4 more which I didn’t write because they were optional. This month was BUSY BUSY BUSY as I had assignments and records to write as well.  It’s because of college why I hardly blogged this month, and I’ll have to write next month’s blog posts on the day of posting.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know that I like to schedule my posts in advance so I don’t get stressed about them, but I guess I’ll have to be stressed in December. Oh I also have 5 finals in December so that’ll be fun!*



After a lot of thought, I made a bookstagram account! (Again) I missed having somewhere to post my book pictures and simply the whole “make books look pretty” stuff. So I jumped back on the bandwagon and decided that this time, I’ll take less stress about it and not worry about stats.

You should totally follow me there! I try to post a lot of pretty pictures.


I hit 43k followers on @bujobeauties on Instagram! If you don’t know, I have an Instagram account where I repost bullet journal pictures of others, and I keep hitting huge milestones and I’M SO BLOWN WOW.


I also changed my name everywhere to my real name. I’ve been going by Iridescence online from the start, but I changed it across all platforms to Sumedha now.


These conversations show how much my friends are done with me. (The photo in the background is of my best friend 😅)


I watched the web series Pitchers and I LOVED IT. It’s so good, and I totally recommend y’all watch it! The dialogues are mostly in Hindi, but there are English captions. It’s about 4 guys who finally quit their jobs and decide to start a start-up company and become entrepreneurs. This 5 episode series shows their struggle to find funding and all the obstacles they face.

On the internet (and IRL)

I usually talk about things I see on the internet that I like and interest me, but this time I HAVE to add in IRL events as well because…


Australia said yes to same-sex marriage! It’s another one step forward to equality. Love wins, y’all. Always. ❤


I LOVED this blog post on thebliotheque on Why Stranger Things is the greatest thing ever. Do check it out!


The Queen of Air and Darkness cover came out AND OH MY GOD IT’S GORGEOUS. It doesn’t exactly go with the other two, having a vibrant red on the cover, but it’s still beautiful. I can’t wait to get it in my hands.

queen of air and darkness.jpg


Have you seen Pink’s new music video of her single Beautiful Trauma? It stars her and Channing Tatum in a story about a marital couple with problems and then opening upto concepts from the modern world. I didn’t like the fifties aesthetic much, but the theme of the video was really nice.


The Love, Simon trailer released two days ago and IT’S ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. I did expect it to talk about Blue and the email thing, though. It didn’t. Still, I can’t wait for the movie and I’m going to be aww-ing for the WHOLE movie.

Watch the trailer here.


Cassandra Clare announced that she’s writing a new high fantasy adult series yesterday! I’m SO EXCITED. I’d probably read her grocery list if she allowed lol. Here’s a screenshot of her Instagram caption:


I’ll be doing Blogmas this month!

If you don’t know what it is, blogmas is us bloggers publishing blog posts everyday from December 1st until December 25th, like a countdown to Christmas.

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s hard not to get into the spirit with me seeing Christmas practically everywhere online. I really wanted to do Blogtober, which is similar, but I didn’t in the end because I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to keep it up with college. But I only have finals this month, which means no classes and more time to blog. I’ll probably be blogging just about any break I take from studying.

However, I won’t be posting Christmassy posts, because as I said I don’t celebrate it and I can’t say anything about it. You’ll just have to take daily posts from me, which will be mostly about my days or random things.

I remember how busy daily blogging was from the last time I did, and that was when I didn’t even structure my posts or add graphics. I’m sure it’ll be busier this time but I want to see if I can do it.

And that’s it for this month because IT WENT BY SO FAST, I NOTICED NOTHING? (Yes I freak out about time moving too fast a lot.)

How was your November? Did anything great happen? Did you start a new project or learn something new? What did you think of Pink’s new music video? Are you dong Blogmas as well? Tell me everything!

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