Nuttycracker sweet || mini review for a very short love story

Note: I was provided with a free ebook copy in return for an honest review. Ever wanted to read the cliched hate-to-love romance but didn't want to spend 200 or so pages reading? Well then this is for you. Nuttycracker sweet is a story of two ballet dancers who are on their way to perform but get stuck in the middle due to the weather[...]

10 2018 books I want in my hands NOW

2018 is going to be a glorious year. Why? Because (1) I said so and (2) WE HAVE AMAZING BOOKS COMING. We've had brilliant books in 2017 as well but I haven't been this involved in the book community before and I am so excited to see what 2018 brings. This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Top 10 2018 anticipated releases and I'm here to share just that.

Favourite songs of the month

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! The excitement is all only for you guys lol. The only thing constantly looping in my head is finals dates and what all I have left to study. But! This is the second last day of blogmas! I decided to post everyday until the 25th but I WILL be posting a couple more after that until the end of the year. I'm leaving y'all for five days without anything from me, that's just sad. You need my awesomeness. Onto my favourite songs this month![...]

Recent TBR additions!

My TBR is huge. And how is this different than any other bookworm's TBR dilemma? I don't mark all the books I want to read on Goodreads. In fact, before I started using Goodreads properly I used to save the books I wanted to read as screenshots in my phone. I still have that album. At some point I tried[...]

Wonder Woman: Warbringer || the TWISTS omg

I hadn't seen the movie before I read the book as I'm not really a DC or Marvel fan. I veer towards rom-coms. But there was—is—a lot of hype around both the movie and the book so when I saw it listed on Amazon I immediately bought it.  Since I hadn't seen the movie, I was completely clueless about everything. I think I would have grasped the many names and concepts of the island Themyscira if I was already familiar with the terms from the movie. Since I wasn't I was REALLY confused in the beginning.  However, I DID see the movie after reading the book and I can say that only the very basics of the setting is used. There is not relation between the movie plot and the book plot[...]

Beauty and the Beast tag

It's blogmas day 21! HOW have are we so close to the ending of blogmas?! Time is flying by a little too quickly, don't you think? I've only got 4 more days of blogmas left (excluding today)! I have to say, blogmas has been way easier since I've got exams. I've got time to blog when I take breaks from studying. Otherwise my whole day goes in travelling and attending classes, leaving me with hardly any time. So in a surprising turn of events, I[...]

Virtually impossible || a relationship formed behind screens

I really liked Darker Water, the first book, and I was very excited to read this one. I did like it, but it paled in comparison to the first one. The Plot Andi is a virtual assistant working under her friend's name as she's not supposed to be near computers. But, she doesn't have any other skills to earn from so she her promise to the law every day.  Hayden is a successful businessman working his way up the ladder in his late father's company. He seems unable to keep an assistant, and therefore[...]

Top ten books I wish I’ll be gifted

It's the best time of the year! The weather is cold and makes you wear layers and curl up under a blanket with a hot beverage, reading a book or watching something. It's also the gift-giving and receiving time of the year. Everyone's in a good mood—wishing others the best time during break, going shopping for themselves and others, and spend time with their loved ones. December is pretty much the best month of the year, and it is even for me without Christmas all around IRL*. Why? Because my birthday is this month! And I actually CAN make wishlist posts along with everyone else—but for my birthday and not Christmas[...]

Gathering Blue || I did not expect this and I don’t like it

'll be honest: I was procrastinating writing this review. I was BLOWN AWAY with The Giver (book 1) and I couldn't wait to dive into this book. I had no idea what this book had in it, but it had to be good. The Plot We follow teenager Kira, having only two syllables in her name, as she tries to survive after her mother dies. Her mother, who was the only reason she was allowed to live because she was a cripple{...}

5 things to do after publishing your blog post

5 things to do after publishing your blog post

If you've been in the blogging game long enough, you would have realised how much work blogging actually takes. You're not just a writer—you're an editor, graphic designer, marketer, the creative mind behind the content AND the one shaping it into something publishable, and many things more. It's all a matter of how you effectively balance all those positions and become better at them. A schedule and/or a checklist helps. It makes sure you don't forget to do something. Today I'm here to help you out with a small checklist on all the things you could do AFTER publishing your blog post to increase the views and credibility.

Four things tag

Daily blogging drains the ideas out of you. And what better to make a blog post out of at this time than a tag? I googled lifestyle tags (getting slightly bored of book tags, tbh) and found this. So I'm taking this tag from Jenny in neverland's blog, and I'll sing to Anohana's theme songs while writing this blog post. Because Anohana's songs are LIFE. I love them. I love the show. I love everything about it. I could fangirl all day but I'll stop and move on to the tag.[...]

Rhodia GoalBook review

We bullet journalers take our stationary seriously. Especially the notebooks and pens. We are always in the search for the perfect notebook to use as a bullet journal. Today, I'm here with a review for the Rhodia GoalBook notebooks. I have a couple of these—one dot-gridded and one normal gridded. Let's get into the review[...]

The Giver || the most discussion-worthy book I’ve ever read

My best friend gave me this book and said READ IT and I wasn't very inclined to. The synopsis behind was vague, I had only heard of it a couple times and I wasn't in the mood for books not Fantasy. But if my best friend loved it, it has to be really good so I kept it and read when I finally got the mood. AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY. THE END. Honestly, though. What a book. We follow the story of 12 year old Jonas who lives in a "perfect society"[...]

2017 New Adult Reading Challenge // round-up

There are so many amazing reading challenges, just keeping track of them takes work. This is why I don't join in on many, and those I do are more general. I'm a fan of New Adult books, especially romance, and this challenge was perfect because I'll be doing it without putting much conscious effort. I… Continue reading 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge // round-up