Windwitch || definitely better than Truthwitch but still not that good

Windwitch cover

Title: Windwitch
Author: Susan Dennard
Genre: Fantasy
Series info: Book 2 of The Witchlands


I didn’t enjoy Truthwitch (review here) but since I had bought Windwitch already, I read it. It was better than Truthwitch, but I didn’t find that much improvement.

The Plot

We pick up a little after the ending of Truthwitch, with some key events that happened in the middle time gap. I was pretty confused in the beginning because we saw the consequences of those events before knowing what exactly happened. And considering how confused I was in the first place, this just made me dislike the series more.

This book was all about Merik, who is a windwitch. He did have major flaws but he had a lot of character development which I liked.

What I did not like

The whole book consisted of Safi, Merik, Iseult and Aeduan traveling for different reasons. Until the last 200 pages, its was just travel and I was pretty bored.

The romance between Iseult and Aeduan was slow burn. VERY VERY slow. I guessed at the romance in the first book itself and expected something to happen here, but it didn’t really. There was just more travel. I think I would have preferred if the romance was developed as it would have made the book more interesting.

What I did like

The last 200 pages, basically. Events happened, there was action and characters redeemed themselves. I don’t want to say what happened because I’ll spoil it, but I’m glad that the relationship between two characters was mended. And one of the characters I disliked became one I liked because we finally got her POV.


The last 200 pages aren’t enough for me to like the whole book. I am planning to read the third but I’ll probably borrow it from the library when I can get it.


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