October Wrap-up || BLOG NAME CHANGE + suspiciously chilled month + readathon


Last month was strangely peaceful for me. My mood ranged from average to good, I didn’t have any tests (although I’ve got TWO sets of tests this month and I’m already panicking) and I met up with friends a few times. It’s quite suspicious and therefore I’m gearing up to face the grueling month I expect November will be.

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This one thing isn’t small at all, though. As you might have noticed, I changed my blog name! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I’m really glad I finally got around to it! I’ve also received really good response about the change and the new name so I’m super glad. Due to the change all my SEO rankings disappeared an all referrers have broken links, which makes me sad but the name change is worth it in the long run.

(P.S. If you’ve linked to my blog before, it’s most likely that those links are broken. You’ll have to update them)(sorry for the trouble)

(P.P.S. Would really appreciate it if y’all shared or linked my blog anywhere. It will help the SEO rankings to go up.)

I also changed my theme and I LOVE IT RIGHT NOW</span>. I promise, I’ll stay constant from now. Really sorry for all the changes recently.


I watched Attack on Titan season 2 FINALLY. I binged it over a day and it was cool. I’m still not a fan of the gore but the story is pretty fine.


I also binged Anohana which is a 11 episode anime series and it’s so CUTE. It tugged on my heart-strings and I cried at the end. Definitely recommend the show, especially if you love shows that make you emotional. Since it’s only 11 episodes of around half an hour each, it’s a good starter to get into anime.


I joined in on the Dewey’s bi-annual readathon on twitter on October 21st. This was my first proper 24 hour readathon as I had a holiday on Saturday and a chilled weekend. I’ll admit, I didn’t stay up and read or try too hard, but I did read every chance I got. What I loved about the readathon was that it felt like a proper event where everyone reads and updates online, readers discuss and encourage others, the hosts were also REALLY lovely., and it was all in the comfort of our own homes with our snacks! I will DEFINITELY be joining in on more readathons when I can.

I also put up a poll on twitter to choose my second readathon read and it got over a HUNDRED likes (probably because of the hashtag) and I’ve never been that popular?? I was over the moon.


I’m quite obsessed with the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator personality divisions and after seeing a lot of talk over the Enneagram personality test, even one which said it’s more accurate than MBTI, I finally took it. Gotta say, it’s NOT accurate. Not for me.

First thing, I couldn’t find a proper test? When I googled, a lot of links came up and none were “official”. Not only that, when I went to one of the first links, it showed TWO Enneagram tests with some extra information on the second test. I took both, and I got completely different types. Not only that, when I read up on both of them, I related to BOTH. To try again, I took the test on a different link and it gave labelled me a third type, which I don’t relate to much.

Basically, I took the test and I did not find it accurate. It also does not have as many articles on the types compared to MBTI which has a LOT of them.


Chloe Lauren @ diary of a lonely girl chose for the Blogger Spotlight of the week this month and I’m HONOURED.


On the internet and beyond


I found ChristineMyLinh a couple months back and I LOVE her bullet journal spreads! Her September and October set ups were so beautiful, I wish I could set up that beautifully as well. Not only that, she made her bullet journal to have a fairytale theme and her sketches are amazing.


I spent a little while watching a bunch of TED and TEDx videos this month. I’ve been wanting to see them for a couple months now but never found the time before to properly watch a few. I have two favourites, yet. One is John Green talking on why learning is awesome and another is Tim Urban on inside the mind of a master procrastinator. I also really like this talk on speaking style and how it defines you as person by Vera Regan. If you haven’t definitely check these out.


When the Shadowhunters season 3 trailer came out, it came up on my suggested feed and I decided to simply check on the story. To see where they were. Because they said the show would be almost accurately the same as the books, when it was pitched. They said, promised, that the show would be WAY better than the movie.

And when I saw the trailer? I found ABSOLUTELY NO RESEMBLANCE to the book series storyline. None. And I am affronted. At this stage, the movie was better!

I watched only until a couple episodes into season 2. I’m not very fond of Clary in the show and once the story started deviating, I didn’t like it enough to continue watching. I am so glad. Honestly, now there are 2 types of Shadowhunters fans. The book stans and the show stans. Divided by the story set in the same world. Well, maybe almost the same world.

(Yes, I know season 3 started as well. I’m never going near the show again.)


The release date for Queen of Air and Darkness got PREPONED to 2018 and I AM ECSTATIC. WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 2019. I CAN NOT WAIT. (If this was announced a while back, excuse me because I did not hear about it. Don’t come at me thnx) I spent the evening I found out fangirling with a friend who is also a fan. And we also vented about the show a lot. Cuz that’s what we book stans do.


The Broke and The Bookish, hosts of Top Ten Tuesday book blogging meme, announced TTT topics MONTHS in advance and my planner heart is SO DARN HAPPY. I always wished for the topics much in advance as, being a planner and a college student, scheduling is why I am able to blog consistently. And this helps greatly.


The cover of and an excerpt from Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi have been released and I LOVE IT. I’m honestly fangirling so hard about it and I need the book NOW. I also did a reaction post to the cover and excerpt, if you’d like to check it out.

And that’s it for the October Wrap-up!

How was YOUR October? Was it busy? Chilled? Did you do anything new? Have you watched Attack on Titan and/or Anohana? Are you a Shadowhunters fan? Books or the show? Also, have you taken the Enneagram and/or MBTI personality tests? If yes, what is your type? Did you participate in the Dewey’s readathon last month? Have you participated in any other readathons? Tell me all about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “October Wrap-up || BLOG NAME CHANGE + suspiciously chilled month + readathon”

  1. How good is the cover for RESTORE ME, right!? I admit I’ve forgotten 80% of everything that happened in the original trilogy…but I’m still super psyched for this one. I’ve never done the Enneagram test before, but I have done MBTI test (INFJ—super accurate), and I always take them with a grain of salt. Honestly, I gave up on Shadowhunters really, really quickly. Adore the books, but the show… Ugh. No, thanks. (But I will FOREVER love the books…and basically everything CC writes.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HOW ALIKE ARE WE?? Just about a 100%? I’m INFJ too! Super accurate here as well. I have a whole Pinterest board on the type, and it’s my biggest board 😂😂 I’m obsessed with MBTI. There’s a list somewhere ranking types which are most likely obsessed with MBTI and INFJ is on top 😂 accurate af.

      I actually keep rereading Ignite Me when I’m in a slump or in need of a pick-up because Warner and Juliette just make me happy. And the fanfiction by Whittynovels is LIFE.

      And I’m CC trash as well! Anything she brings out, I’M ON IT.


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