Artists whose songs I will NEVER tire of

artists whose songs i will never tire of

All of us have those certain artists whose music is evergreen to us. No matter how many times we listen to their music, we still love it. We could listen to all of their albums continuously and not want to change over.

For the last few months, I’ve been sharing my favourite songs of the month but I don’t have much new music this month. But, I HAVE been listening to songs by my favourite artists on repeat. This month was just me loving their music and I want you to give them a try as well, if you haven’t.

[1] Fall Out Boy

I haven’t really spoken about this band on the blog, but I REALLY like their songs. When I’m in the mood, I just let their songs play and enjoy them.

I was actually introduced to the band through One Tree Hill, which had a band member over as a guest actor. I believe it was the lead, I’m not completely sure. Nevertheless, I immediately checked out their music and I fell in LOVE with Young Volcanoes. I didn’t like the music video for this song, but the songs itself is bomb. I got my best friend hooked onto it as well.

After that, I downloaded a bunch of their songs and I still love them to this day.

[2] Night Terrors of 1927

I heard their song Never One to Complain in the What If (starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan) trailer. I wasn’t very keen on watching the movie (although I did watch it later) but I IMMEDIATELY searched for the song that played in it.

After that, I listened to a bunch of the band’s songs on YouTube and fell in love. I have all of their songs in a playlist and play them on repeat from time to time. I especially love Fall into you, which I somehow NEVER tire of. I had it on repeat for about two weeks after the first time I heard it and even now I play it on repeat sometimes.

[3] Oh Wonder

I found the band only a few months back and I AM OBSESSED. I played their songs on repeat for about a week and when their newest song High On Humans released, I fell in love with it as well.

As for my favourite song by them, it’ll have to be Lose It. I really love dance music and Lose It is the PERFECT song to dance to. I love it. I also really love the music video! So happy and upbeat and just wonderful.

[4] Lorde

Lorde is famous and I don’t deny that I really love her songs. Especially her newest album Melodrama which I have spoken about a while back in a favourites post. When I need some beats but also not dance music, I put her album plus a few older songs on play and go about my work. I really love Lorde.

And I honestly can’t pick my favourite amongst her songs. I really love Yellow Flicker Beat but Liability, Green Light and Sober are also really good. But then, the rest of Melodrama is great as well… I can’t pick.

[5] Coldplay

Coldplay is an evergreen band for me. I might not listen to their songs in a stretch anymore but every time one of their comes up on shuffle, I love it. I still fall in love with Paradise all over again when it comes up after a while. Their songs are just ❤

My favourite has to be Viva la vida. It’s old but it’s completely gold and I love listening to it.

[6] Kodaline

If you haven’t listened to Kodaline yet, PLEASE DO. LIKE, RIGHT NOW.

I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of their songs. All of them move me and I can never tire of listening to them. And believe me, I’ve listened to them a lot.

Especially their song Brother, which I’ve spoken about before. It BROKE my heart. I also really love High Hopes, which is in my “bus” playlist because it’s the perfect song to listen to while looking out the window in the bus.

[7] The Script

The Script is probably the oldest band I still love this much. I remember listening to their songs when I first started listening to English music. I loved them then and I still love them now. All of their songs are gold and I find myself randomly listening to one when on shuffle and then putting it on repeat.

Honestly, I love everything they bring out and I love the vibe of their music. I also cannot pick a favourite from their work. I love them all.

[8] Sleeping at last

I have spoken about the artist quite a few times* but I will mention them again because I LOVE HIS SONGS. In fact, I’m listening to the music right now as I type this as well. I will recommend him to as many people as I can because these songs deserve it. If you love slow songs, LISTEN TO SLEEPING AT LAST ASAP.

I’ll admit, I thought Sleeping at last was actually a band but after seeing the website, I realised it’s one person. He brings out SUCH GOOD MUSIC it warms my heart. Some of them are soothing, some emotional, some break your heart with the lyrics and I love them all.

There are also way more songs that I initially thought so I’m slowly working my way through them. He’s also bringing out a series of songs based on the Enneagram personality type indicator, which I don’t know that well, but I guess the respective songs are relatable to those types? I don’t know.

And please don’t ask me to choose favourites from his songs because I just love TOO MANY of them. Currently, Earth is my favourite and it’s the song that runs in my mind when I wake up in the mornings.

*more like a bunch of times


I have many other songs I will always love, but these are the only artists whose every song I’m obsessed with.

What are some artists whose songs YOU love to death? Make sure to recommend them to me! I am in desperate need of new songs lol. Have you heard to songs by any of the ones I mentioned before? Do you like them? Also, do let me know if you listened to any song that I mentioned and what you thought of it!

11 thoughts on “Artists whose songs I will NEVER tire of”

  1. LORDE. IS. LIFE!! I love love love her sooo much — Melodrama ❤️
    I’m obsessed with Dodie atm; her two EPs (Intertwined and You) are amazing, and her music is often relatable af (try Would You Be So Kind). I also really love Ruth B; her album is fab, along with her EP (different songs on both). X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard a few over at Dodie’s YouTube channel, but haven’t heard her EPs. I’ve also heard only Lost Boy by Ruth B. I’ll make sure to listen to the songs you mentioned!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have heard SO much about Sleeping At Last I need to check his music out!!! Artists I love to death…I’m OBSESSED with The Neighbourhood. Their music is AMAZING and I can’t live without them. Someone described one of their albums, Wiped Out, as having songs that are happy but for sad people and that’s the best way to describe most of their songs tbh. You’ve got to check them out! Best albums are I Love You and Wiped Out🖤🖤
    ( I’m an ultimate fan of them as you can probably tell from all that rambling😂 )

    Liked by 1 person

      I’ve heard I think only one song by The Neighborhood but haven’t got a particular liking to them. Maybe I should listen to more and see 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m currently going through (aka stalking. I’m not creepy I promise) your blog and I just commented somewhere that I’m ur bestie cuz you love Percy Jackson and the shadowhunter books. And now ur my double bestie because YES FALL OUT BOY. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

    Liked by 1 person

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