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So I changed my blog’s name!

If you’re confused, this is me, Iridescence, from light up the shining night stars (as the blog was previously named).

When I first made this blog, randomly out of nowhere, I didn’t bother to properly think about names or what this blog would be. But in the time since then I’ve kind of figured it out and I simply didn’t like the long name anymore.

I’ve spent the last two to three months thinking about new names, whether changing would affect the traffic to my blog etc, and I decided that having a better name trumped it all.

I came up with this name last night and I just went for it!

Welcome to the wordy habitat!

Additional to the name change, I’ve changed my tagline, which now reads books, planners and dreams.

I’ve also changed my twitter handle from @mebeingquixotic  to @thewordyhabitat to match.

And yeah, that’s it! I’m now going to go change all my graphics and update my blog posts (or at least try to, there are so many lol).

I hope y’all like this new name and don’t worry, everything else is staying the same.

What do you think about the new name? Or did you like the old one better? Have you ever wanted to change your blog’s name before? Have you done it?  

10 thoughts on “BLOG NAME CHANGE!”

  1. Love the new name!!❤❤ I haven’t been getting your posts in my reader for some reason so I’m so sorry I haven’t been active on your posts! I’m going to catch up now😄

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