A tour of my phone

a tour of my phone

Phones reveal a lot about a person. The wallpaper, font, icons, apps, everything tells something about the owner. I love looking at others’ phones (and especially diving into my friends’ galleries). So I thought, why not I give a small tour of my phone.

What this tour will include

  • Screenshots of how my phone looks i.e. lockscreen, wallpaper, icons, menu etc
  • All apps, their uses and my take on them
  • And basically just taking you through the device that holds my life

Let’s begin!

First, the lockscreen*.


This image, that I got off Pinterest**, has been my lockscreen for several months now and I’m not inclined to change it. I love it, it represents me (down to the bun when I’m at home) and it’s perfect.

*lol you can see how long back I’ve written this post. Well, I make no secret of it that I’m a planner and try to write my posts well in advance, so no matter.

**click here to see my Pinterest board of phone wallpapers


My wallpaper is, again, from Pinterest. I’ve got two screens in my home page, but I’ve got no widgets because I’m digging the clean look right now. There are two sides to my phone:

  1. Hardly or no widgets (including the shortcuts to apps)
  2. Screen is filled with widgets and icons

There is no in between. I think before this, my phone came under the second category? I’m not sure. If I make changes to my phone, I change it all completely and make it seem like a whole new phone. I love getting accustomed to new ways and trying out things.


Swipe down twice from the absolute top of the screen and this menu appears, which is pretty much in every phone. This is the same as any Moto phone. (I use a Moto G4 Plus)

I’m using the Evie Launcher app for the main interface on my phone, in case you wondered why the rest of the things don’t look like other Moto phones. Credits to my best friend DJ because he was using it and I loved how his phone looked and wanted to change as well. (The phone used Google Now launcher as default)


If you swipe up, the menu appears. When a friend of mine was looking at my phone the other day, he couldn’t find the menu because usually there’s either a button/icon to click that brings the menu up or it’s all in the home screen. I told him to swipe up and he commented that the interface is not friendly to someone who doesn’t know what to do. So there’s that.

I use Pasty Free icon pack for the icons, which I talk more about below in the list of apps.


If you swipe down once from, or click on, the search bar this appears. To be honest, I don’t use this very much. When I was still on the Google Now launcher, there used to be a Google search bar and it would automatically open up the results for what you search. But in Evie, it first searches in the phone and gives you a list of searches. Only on clicking them does Chrome open with the search results. It doesn’t do it immediately, which I don’t like.

Here’s an example of what comes when I type “blogging” and tap search. I’ll have to click the first search option (which will be exactly what I typed) to get the actual results.



List of apps that I use:

(excluding the default ones that all phones have and thoughts on those which aren’t popular)

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon shopping
  • College attendance manager. This is actually an app made by a student in my college to track our attendance in classes and to see how many we can miss without falling below the standard. Honestly, I’m not that happy with it but it’s easier to check on app than go to the official website, login and see.
  • Cold Turkey. This is an app that doesn’t allow you to use your phone for the set amount of time. If you tap another app, it shows the Cold Turkey screen with how much time left till unlock. It’s basically to lock your phone and make you work with focus on your task rather than surf through apps. I used Forest last semester as it allowed music to play in the background (while I can’t even open the music app here) but it worked differently. With Forest, my tree would die if I open any social media app but it didn’t stop me. It’s effective if your guilt about a dead tree will make you work, but after a while it didn’t affect me anymore so I’m back to Cold Turkey.
  • CppDroid. This is to try C/C++ codes on phone. I use this sometimes when I’m in college and don’t have my laptop. Honestly it could use improvements, but it’s the best one I’ve found yet that works.
  • Discord. I downloaded Dota 2 to play (as I mentioned in some post a while back) and my friends told me to get this as well. This app lets you be on voice call with multiple other people and it’s really nice for multiplayer games.
  • Dropbox. Really useful to have files over multiple devices without the use of cables. I frequently upload pictures to Dropbox on my phone and access them in the computer to upload in a blog post.
  • ES File Explorer. I don’t like the default file manager that came with the phone so I got this, and I quite like it.
  • Gallery Pro. My old phone had Gallery (not pro) and this phone only had Google Photos (which I don’t like) so I got Pro. It shows a lot of ads but I manage because I like my gallery this way.
  • imo. After one of my best friends moved away to go to college, the three of us (who are a tight knit group) got this app to video call. It’s not bad, but it’s not very good as well.
  • Lithium. I use this app to read .epub files of books. I have Google Play Books as well, which I prefer more, but it sometimes doesn’t upload books (no clue why) and I use Lithium then. My best friend uses this but I just prefer Play Books more (because of the low lighting setting and page turning graphics)
  • Pasty Free. This is the icon pack I use for my phone. I went through a lot of icon packs and finally settled on this. I’m loving the minimalistic look it gives. BUT as you might have seen, it doesn’t have icons for ALL apps so some will still be in colour while others are in black and white. I was annoyed by that in the beginning but I’m used to it now. All icon packs usually only have themed for the popular apps.
  • Pinterest.
  • Play Books.
  • Play Music.
  • Repost. I use this for reposting pictures on Instagram, which I do quite often for my bullet journal feature account bujobeauties. It works well and I like it.
  • Saavn. This is a music app, kinda like Spotify, but it has even Indian music. It shows a lot of ads, which I get really irritated with as I can’t skip/close them, but otherwise I like the app. I used Gaana before, which has way lesser ads, but no matter what I just didn’t like it’s interface.
  • Shareit. This is a very handy app to share files with. It sends a ton of files, images, music, whatever really fast as long as both the devices have the app.
  • Shazam. You must know it? It recognises the song playing and I use this to keep note of songs that play in the mall or in restaurants.
  • Snapchat
  • Snapseed. I use this to edit the photos I take for the blog. Since I don’t use filters much, I want more tools to edit basic elements and this has it.
  • Soundcloud
  • Swiggy. Food ordering app.
  • trucaller. To identify all the unknown numbers that call me. It has other features as well but this is what I mainly keep it for.
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • WordPress
  • WordWeb. Dictionary app which I really like.
  • WPS office. To open all the pdf, excel and such files.
  • YouTube.

And that concludes it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got something from it.

How do you customise your phone? Do you have loads of widgets on your homescreen or do you prefer it simple? Are there any icon packs you use? Which are the most used apps on your phone? Do you use any that I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “A tour of my phone”

    1. Thank you! Pinterest has some really good wallpapers but somehow I never find enough? I always feel like there aren’t enough like I would expect 🤷


  1. Loved this! I enjoy seeing what’s one people’s phones!🙂
    Haha for some reason with Forest the fact that I’ll be killing a tree if I go back on my phone works with me😂 I’m going to try Cold Turkey though just in case I end up not caring about killing my tree anymore!

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