Pros and Cons of Blogging Memes

Firstly, what are blogging memes?

Generally hosted by one or more bloggers on their blog, blogging memes are topics to help you with your blogging. The blogger(s) give you an idea, topic, questions etc that you can write a post on. This is generally to help with blogging slumps.

If you follow quite a few blogs, you might have seen at least one meme being done. Not all bloggers do memes, but there are many who do at least one.

Despite how it would seem that there can only be positives on this, it is not so. And today I’m here to talk a little bit about blogging memes and to lay down everything I think is relevant if you’re considering doing them.

PRO: Helps when you’re out of blog post ideas

This is the main intention behind blogging memes. The bloggers who host memes post a topic or questions and you can draft a whole blog post on that topic. If you have no idea what to blog about, memes are here for you.

CON: Most memes are for book bloggers

If you google “blogging memes”, most results are for book bloggers. A few of these do cater to general topics but the targets are book blogs and not all topics under that meme are general.

Memes heavily favour the book blogging community and if you’re not a book blogger, there’s a high chance you won’t find any meme to your liking since there are so few in the first place.

PRO: Sends more traffic to your blog

A lot of memes, especially the popular ones, encourage visiting other blogs who do the meme as well. Taking the example of Top Ten Tuesday, bloggers can link up their posts in the hosts’ blog post and all bloggers can hop around and visit. It also helps that it is on a common topic and bloggers can compare what they came up with to others’ content.

CON: It could go either way with your readers

This is mostly a personal viewpoint, but I wanted to talk about this because it might not only be me.

I am generally wary about reading meme posts because of what content I would find.

The blogger could have made it into an elaborate post, making it their own thing and going much farther than the topic given. But, it’s also possible that the blogger would only write a few paragraphs or simply put up a list for list memes instead of elaborating or providing any information.

Original blog posts are very nice to read because there is a lot of content and something I would learn or get from the post. Under memes, since the topic does not come directly from the blogger, the content might not have the same charm. I especially see this with list memes because I see a lot of bloggers simply posting a list without any explanation as to why they chose it or anything.

PRO: If you’re a book blogger/reader, there are tons of memes for you

Quite a few blogs have even done book blogging meme directories as compilations of all the memes they found and it’s all in one place for you to read about and pick what you like.

There is also a lot of variety in the type of posts, since there are memes for every day of the week, and there are also a few monthly memes.

CON: The memes are for set days/dates

Just about all the memes are targeted for a certain day of the week. If you have something else to post specifically that day, it would clash. Although you could post the meme content on another day, it wouldn’t be the same.

I’ve also found that when I want to do a meme, I don’t find any for that particular day or when there is a topic I could do, I already have something else planned for that day. There is that rope on when to publish.

CON: Most memes don’t favour planners

When looking for memes that I could do, I noticed that almost all of them either posted the topic ON that day or only a week in advance. Being a student with a busy schedule, I tend to plan my posts weeks in advance, if possible. The schedule button is my best friend but I cannot use it with these certain memes.

The problem is also there for memes whose topics are standard. Since it requires posting every week, obviously the memes whose “topic” is the same for every week require writing the post on or around that day. For example, The Sunday Post or Sundays in bed with.. both of which centre on current happenings. Therefore you can’t draft the post two weeks in advance because you don’t know what you would be doing later to talk about it.

There are very few memes, comparatively to the number existing, that work for planners.


Overall, memes also have their pros and cons. I know some bloggers who choose not to do memes because it doesn’t offer much flexibility, but I also know bloggers who dive into the posts and do them religiously. It all depends on what works for you.

An alternative to memes are tags.

  • They are available for every blogger in every topic and form rather than just book bloggers.
  • Tags can be much more creative and easy to do than memes
  • But tags are mostly a one-time thing. They don’t help in putting out content every week/month like memes.
  • There are an abundance of tags and you will most certainly find quite a few to your liking, if you look for them.


Do you do blogging memes? What is your take on them? Do you agree with what I said? Are there any pros and/or cons that I’ve missed in this post? Do you prefer blogging memes or blogging tags? If you do any blogging meme(s), which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Blogging Memes”

  1. I have seen some of them but I definitely don’t think they are for everyone. It just depends on what you like and your audience. I do agree it is mainly book bloggers though who do theses

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  2. I have a love/hate relationship with memes for just the reasons you list. I’m a planner, so doing the discussion-based ones (which are the most interesting) isn’t feasible all the time with my schedule, but I love having a go-to idea for when I just can’t think of what to post. This is super thorough! Great pros and cons list!

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  3. I enjoy unique takes on memes, like Cait @PaperFury’s on Top Ten Tuesday and I sometimes chekc them out. I feel there is a lot of pressure to do memes and I don’t do them! Mostly because I like having orginal content on my blog but they can really help with getting post ideas!

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    1. Yeah I like Cait’s as well, because she takes the topic and makes the blog post her own. But not everyone does that, and I don’t like meme blog posts then. I try to make my meme posts good as well, but most of the time I’m not interested in the topics 🤷 I kinda become bored of the book topics.

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  4. I agree with all your pros and cons! And I have a pretty love/hate relationship with blogging memes and awards. I love them, but when I was just at the early stages of blogging I got so swamped with being tagged or nominated that I started to get so stressed about it. I had a production line of getting all of them out so I didn’t let the person that tagged/nominated me down! And then I started to not have time to post my own content to the point I had to stop doing them completely😔

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    1. Yeah in the beginning I got tagged a lot as well and I didn’t do most of them—partly as I forgot or couldn’t keep track and also because it wasn’t “original” content. Now I mostly do ones that really interest me, whether I’m tagged or no.

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  5. I also loved the pros and cons list, Sumedha, and I found your thoughts on how popular memes attract more attention to your website very interesting. Blogs can be linked together in a web based upon their content, and then the whole web catches viewers! I also fully agree with your sentiments on that special charm which comes with original content. I’ve had some similar thoughts about the importance of creativity and web-formation in internet memes, but now I would also like to investigate the blogging meme system. Thank you for this informative and thorough piece!

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