October bullet journal set up


Hey y’all!

Like August, I hardly used my bullet journal in September other than to update my trackers and brainstorm blog post ideas. In fact, I only made dailies on holidays because only then did I have enough time to do tasks that could be written in a list.

I’m expecting the same for October and so I made my trackers even smaller and the monthly events into a tiny space as I don’t have any events this month.




As you can see, what came to 4 pages last month (monthly decorative page, events, and two-page tracker) is now in two pages, and it’s pretty simple. Just colourful.


For the last two months my mood tracker required filling in colours, and I’m quite tired of it now. I want to try something different so I made a simple “mood chart” for this month. And the expenses tracker is basically the same.


In my mood chart, one row of dots represents one day and I like that I can record various different levels of mood. Having only three or four levels, like I see many others doing, seems restricting.


I’ll be honest, I’m not that fond of my spreads this month. But I already made them, I don’t have the mood to brainstorm and remake so I’m making do. October is here and I’m busy busy busy.

The insight into my mood did help the last two months, but my trackers are losing value now because I know what to expect and it’s not pushing me to do anything. I’m debating not doing habit trackers next month, even though I love making the spreads and updating them.


What do you think of my bullet journal this month? How was your September? Do you expect October to be busy for you as well? Do you think habit trackers don’t matter after a while? If you bullet journal, do you make a mood tracker? What does it show? Let me know in the comments!

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