September Wrap-up || lots of binge-ing + hopping around the internet +theme change

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through three quarters of the year! There’s only three months left, and you can see this in three ways.

  • I’m so ready for this year to be over.
  • What?

Whichever category you fall into, there’s nothing you can do about the time gone so make the best of the next three months. Or continue to be clueless while simply trying not to drown under everything like me.

September was a busy month and I spent most of my waking hours BEING SLEEPY. And when I didn’t get enough sleep because of exams and failed to take care of myself, I fell sick. #nice

Moving on!

Book reviews

Smol notable things that occurred:


I had my first internal exams of the semester and I WAS STRESSED. Believe me, I’m normally very chill about exams but this time I was so scared? The only thing I have going for me in life is that I’m calm under stress and WHAT WAS THIS. I need to up my game and return to normal next time.


I binge-watched Once Upon and Time season 1 and half of season 2 because it’s the one show I really love to binge. After season 3 my interest wanes.. but yeah I still really like it. I also binged Outlander season 1 and a few episodes of season 2. Honestly, I’m not sure I like it very much? I tried the book and I hardly got through one-thirds of it, and the show gives the same vibes plus the time jumps are still unsettling so I’m not really a fan. Jamie looks hot tho. #priorities


I changed my blog’s theme again! I DID like the previous one but I was really missing the sidebar, you know? But I also liked the clean way of reading a blog post without the sidebar and I was so confused on what to do. Finally I tried the current theme, customised it a lot and now I’m finally quite happy with it. Not completely, but it’s a work in progress.


There is a cloud slime trend going on around Instagram and I don’t see why? It’s something new, yes, but all the accounts just keep posting cloud slime videos/reviews and I didn’t see the appeal. Mostly because most of the cloud slimes I see just fall apart when you stretch it, and I guess that’s what they mean by cloud slime but… why. There was this short period (about a day) when ALL the slime accounts I followed only posted cloud slime videos and my feed was filled with only then and I was NOT AMUSED.

Thankfully, I think they’ve all picked up on the fact that they can’t only post cloud slime videos so it’s lesser now, but it’s still there. And I don’t like cloud slime. #sorrynotsorry

On the internet:


During internals, I found the YouTube channels FBE and REACT and I watched a ton of their videos. I procrastinated studying for two hours by watching them once. I quite like the channels but I’m not a fan of ALL the content. Mostly I only see the college kids/teens react videos and the challenges. The challenges are really fun.

The was this one video about checking if parents know the current teenage slangs and even I didn’t know most of them?? AM I THAT OLD? Or am I just that excluded not living in America? I did feel weird though. I felt like a parent while watching that video, learning the slangs as they explain it.


I found the MerrellTwins YouTube channel as well and watched a few of their videos. I especially love this video where they react to old home videos and THEY’RE SO CUTE.

And that’s it for this wrap-up! I wish you a great October!

How was your September? Did you binge and TV shows or YouTube videos? What blog posts did you love? Do you follow slimes on Instagram as well? What do you think of cloud slimes? Are you an OUAT and/or Outlander fan? What’s your take on those shows? Also do let me know what you think of my new theme! 

6 thoughts on “September Wrap-up || lots of binge-ing + hopping around the internet +theme change”

  1. I spent with work, blog reading (some write but not good), what’s up update, WWE match, thinking about Dashera Program (every year we celebrate in Company) & food.
    Nice September.

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