Favourite songs of the month

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I haven’t got many new songs to talk about this month because I mostly listened to old songs and playlists but I didn’t want to skip this post so I’ll just be mentioning some old ones I listened to a lot as well.

Also, can I just say how glad I am that I blog and not vlog on YouTube because I have a horrible cold right now and I’d hate to record myself like this. I’m legit mostly breathing through my mouth because my nose is blocked aargh this is so trying.

Hawayein by Arjit Singh

First off, I’m mentioning this because I FORGOT to mention this last month. I was so IN LOVE with this song for about two weeks and kept playing it. I’m listening to it right now and I’m still in love.

I hate the music video, though. It looks so fake when he pretends to sing it for the video. And no, the person in this music video isn’t the actual singer. He’s the main actor in the movie Jab Harry met Sejal, alongside the woman shown here. And no I haven’t watched the movie so don’t ask me if it’s based on When Harry met Sally lol. It might be? The names are so very similar.

Sick of Being Told by Grace VanderWaal

I really like her songs, her voice is so unique and it’s so darn AMAZING that she’s so good at 13 years old. She also WRITES all of her songs herself and she’s just so talented. If you don’t listen to her, I highly suggest giving her songs a try.

So much more than this by Grace VanderWaal

Another Grace song! I’m really loving the new styles she’s trying out with different beats than what she started out with, especially since it’s all turning out so great. I was all over this song the day it released. She’s also bringing out her FIRST ALBUM called Just the beginning soon and I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Favourite lines from this song:

all of the talk and the talk from ya

won’t even matter when the lights come on

all of the talk and the talk from ya

open your eyes and just wake up

do all the things that’ll matter to ya

open your eyes and just wake up

Only You by Sarah Close

I’ve been following her on YouTube for about a year because of her really nice acoustic covers and I’m really loving this song she released! This dropped the same day as So much more than this and these two songs played alternatively until a couple days back.

This song got me through studying for my tests because it’s got the perfect beats to jam to in study breaks.

Murder in the city by The Avett Brothers

I’m not a huge fan of The Avett Brothers, but I have listened to a couple songs of theirs. I saw this picture over at thebraveletteringco on Instagram featuring a lyric from this song and I HAD to listen to this immediately. The lyric is:

always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name

After that, I simply fell in love with the vibe and listened to the whole album on repeat for a couple days. It was so nice to listen to while travelling in the bus to and from college.

Warrior by AURORA

I spoke about AURORA’s songs last month but I found myself listening more and more to Warrior this month. I admit, I only started liking it after listening to it a few times but all her songs are very unique and really good. She’s underrated.


Can we talk about Taylor Swift’s new song Look what you made me do for a minute? I’m sure you would have at least heard about it. I’m not a fan of this song. I like the first little bit of it but once it gets to the chorus, she lost me. After that I simply didn’t like the song.

The video is quite cool, though. She’s referenced a lot of things from her life and it’s super cool that she can own up to her past selves and indirectly talk about all those things. Especially the end bit was nice.

BUT the song just didn’t grab me. Maybe because the chorus is more like talking than singing? It’s like We are never ever getting back together again. I’m not a fan of that either. To be honest, all of Taylor’s songs could go either way for me, and her “new” self isn’t any different for me in that way. I do want to see what direction she goes in the future, though. Looks like she’s trying new stuff.

Aand that’s it for this month! Oh wait I forgot to say one thing. I really like YouTube’s new update! Okay now I’m done.

What are the songs that YOU have been playing on repeat? What do you think of Taylor’s new song? Are you a fan of Grace VanderWaal as well? Are you an Avett Brothers fan? Tell me all!

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