8 things I wish I did everyday



I’m pretty sure what most people (including me) actually want to do is lie around, have money come to us without doing anything, eat and sleep. Oh and maybe watch YouTube sometimes. All we want to do is BE LAZY.

But despite all of this, I am actually a productivity-oriented person. Only if I’ve been productive in the day I feel good. Excluding the days I go out and have fun. In short, I just want to do a lot of stuff in a day. I don’t count going to classes and mandatory things towards being productive. Only work that I have to do voluntarily or on my own time (yes I count assignments because they’re “not mandatory” :P)

Basically, I’m holding myself accountable for working on doing more everyday and cultivate daily habits by documenting this online.*

*Let’s see if this actually makes me do the things.

[1] Wake up before 8:30am on holidays

Oh look. The first point and I’m already straying from the “everyday”. But to be fair, I wake up around 6am on college days.

I’m a night owl person, okay? But lately I’ve been getting so lazy at night and don’t do anything except finish assignments and college work that are due the next day.* I actually get SO much done when I wake up earlier because I’ve got more time, you know what I mean? It feels like I’ve really got 16 hours in the day instead of a meager 8 when I wake late.

*I do most of my college work the night before and procrastinate away time until then. I legit left a a small project off until the night before even though I was told about it 3 weeks in advance. #winningatlife

[2] Make my bed 

I actually do this on holidays because when my bed is all neat, I’m less inclined to curl up in blankets and fall back asleep, and as you know I want to be productive in my day. But throughout the week when I’ve got college, the blankets are just left messy. It’s because I get up around 6 and rush to get ready so I can catch the bus at 6:50, which doesn’t leave room for me to have a proper breakfast*, let alone make my bed.

And hence, once I get back home about 12 hours later, I fall into bed after changing into PJs and lie there doing nothing for about an hour. Nice. *rolls eyes*

*for real tho, I don’t have a proper breakfast. Only half a bowl of cornflakes partly because of time and also cuz I simply don’t like eating that early. It makes my stomach queasy.

[3] Read the newspaper

I legit know nothing what’s going on around me. The only things I know are from seeing social media, and everyone on there either doesn’t follow/post about news either or they’re from other places on the world. This is NOT good. I really should read the newspaper. I’m about.. three years behind on news. I read the newspaper everyday for a few months in 10th grade and felt so knowledgeable* and now I’m just clueless.**


**ask me anything. I won’t know it. Not kidding.

[4] Blog

Fun fact, I used to publish blog posts everyday. That was waay over a year ago.

I’m not saying I want to publish posts everyday, but I just want to do small bits everyday that add up. Because planning, writing up the post, taking photos for it, editing them and making graphics cannot be done at one stretch. I don’t usually have that much time together (or the mood to do all of them). This would make it so much easier. Right now, I’m only blogging on Sundays. It means I have to write up two/three posts on Sundays and do the photos etc during the week and add them to the post using my phone.*

*lol y’all gonna think either I’m exaggerating or that I put too much effort. It’s fine. Just that I’d rather sleep? But I also want to blog?? I’m saying I want to blog while sleeping. Yes, that’s it.

[5] Go out

I HARDLY go out. And I count going to the store to buy stationary for it. This is because my first goal is to get out and see the world. If I had a few days of holidays together, I would probably forget to step out of the house unless I had some work or friends dragged me out to hang.* K bro.**

*I have a long long way to go in life. In the last two weeks alone I’ve been told by people in college quite a few times that I should talk and include myself in things more. 

**I wish there was a GIF for this. I googled. I didn’t find any. Someone make for me plis. Thenks. I use K Bro so much, it should be a GIF for me.

[6] Write/journal

You know, I used to write? Like, poetry and short stories?* And I even attempted at writing a novel? I went to about 13k words and then it just lies somewhere in my files untouched and very mad at me.

I haven’t written ANYTHING for more than 6 months. All my creative thinking is going for my blog, maybe? Also I don’t have the time. That’s just sad.

And if not writing, I want to journal about my day or something. Get my thoughts down. It might get me started towards writing again? I don’t know.

*I even posted some on this blog. There are categories for this in the footer. They just might be the last of my writing legacy. Sigh.

[7] Learn something new

College intimidates me. I meet all these people who know so much about many things, are actively learning more than what is being taught in classes, going to workshops and taking up projects etc. And I’m just reading. I also don’t know half the things they talk about and I. AM. INTIMIDATED.

want to learn, but I don’t have the time for it. But now, looking at everyone else, I’m determined to learn on my own. Even if it’s basic things that everyone already knows and I can’t show off about it. The “I don’t have time” excuse isn’t—shouldn’t be—acceptable.* I want to learn something new, on my own, everyday. Even if it’s small bits.

*Someone hold me accountable plis.

[8] Workout


Even when other people say this to me, I fee like laughing because hardly some ACTUALLY do it. I want to laugh even more looking at ME saying it.

I worked out once for 15 days straight in December. Then the situation of my leg wound became worse and I was ordered bed rest, and that was that. I started up again by bringing my best friends on it too. My streak was spotty*. Not everyday, but I did work out for a couple months like that. I haven’t since about a week before college started. I wish I did some form of exercise everyday, but I’m STILL clueless about when I would. Because if I’m not lying on bed after getting home from college, I’m doing something for the blog fast fast before starting on college work. Or I’m simply reading.**

*quite spotty

**oh look I’m already making excuses before I start exercising. I’m hopeless.

So.. yeah that’s it. Going over this is being way too ambitious. Aand I really should go start on one of my three assignments. Oh goody.*

*Is it just me, or am I mentioning my college work a bit too much in post?

What are some things that YOU wish you did everyday? Are any I mentioned on your list as well? What’s stopping you from achieving them? Like, really. Stop reading this, GET UP and go do those things! (JK please still find time to read my blog thenks) 

11 thoughts on “8 things I wish I did everyday”

  1. It’s weird but I do my bed without thinking and I USED to wake up early. I don’t any more 😦 That should change. Oh ALSO ALSO I need to work out too! Best of luck for your endeavours – not that you’ll need them because you’re such a dedicated person!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lmao I love this post! There are so many things I wish I did everyday but the main ones are:

    1) Laundry (actually even doing laundry every 2-3 days would be perfect instead of letting it pile up for a week)
    2) Vacuum (I hate dirty floors but my kid is terrified of the vacuum and I’m lazy)
    3) Work out (HA!)
    4) Work on homework (instead of letting it sit there until I have to do it all at once)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yes to early mornings! I totally find you get more done if you don’t sleep in, right?! I am a notorious non-sleeper haha so I stay up late AND get up earlier (no I don’t know how I function tbh) 😂 and there’s so many more hours to cram in aaaall the things. One thing I wish I did was actually balance things better. Like I tend to get obsessed with one thing (like blogging, for instance) and then I don’t have time to write or whatever. I need to learn how to do little bits.😂

    i loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dean of my college sleeps about TWO hours every night. That’s it. And he functions PERFECTLY FINE?? So unfair. I need 29 hours but I get only 18.

      And I totally understand the balancing part. When I want to blog, I binge-blog (is that a thing lol), when I want to study I study for hours together and so on. I can never do one thing for a little bit of time and start with another. All my work gets done either in one day or never.

      Thank you!


  4. I feel the same about writing and my blog. I used to post everyday but now I barely post three times a month. That bothers me a lot. Same with writing. I used to write a lot of poems and even wrote 25 thousand words but stopped and didn’t work on it for months. I hate that but at the same time I don’t know when to do it either. I have three journals I want to keep up with as well, I have to study and want to spent some time with certain people as often as possible. So yea. I probably need more than 24h a day

    Liked by 1 person

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