Sundays in bed with.. MY TEXTBOOKS.


First of all, can I say how HECTIC college is? I’ve been in college for a year but somehow this semester is WAY more packed. Possibly because 5 days of the week I’ve got college 8am to 4:10pm and one day I’ve got two hours.* This also means that I’ve hardly had time to blog.

I mean, I had a schedule almost perfected by the end of second semester. I wrote down ideas and drafts and typed up everything on Sunday. But now? Sundays are the only days I’ve got to write lab records and assignments.** I’m slowly losing my momentum in blogging. I’m usually about a month ahead in posts but now I’m typing up a post one hour in advance to when I usually publish. #whateven I need a new game plan, y’all.

*YES I’VE GOT SIX DAY WEEKS PITY ME (but then most students in my country have six day weeks so BE HAPPY IF YOU DON’T)

**No I don’t find time to study. What study.

I saw this meme on a list while looking for book blog memes I’d be interested in and found this one made by midnightbookgirl. It’s basically to share what you’re reading this Sunday and talk about your views on that book and stuff, but I’m taking it a little further to just talk about what I’m doing and feeling today.

I’m currently NOT reading any novels

Because I’ve got exams (which I talk about below) and basically don’t have the time. I’m not particularly worried either because I’ve finished my Goodreads reading challenge and am quite happy with how I’m managing my reading with other activities at he moment. As in, it’s not affected very much.

So my internals start tomorrow..

And I’m SUPER scared.* I’ve got tests on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (Tuesday is a holiday due to some traditional event/day/thing, I believe? I don’t keep track.) I have TWO tests a day with about two hours of break between them and IT’S SUPER STRESSFUL, OKAY?

*And shouldn’t be blogging right now but I NEED A BREAK, OKAY. And blogging helps relieve my stress.

I’m quite used to it because of the past year, but this semester we’ve finished almost HALF the syllabus of the semester in little over a month and it’s a bit too much to include in the FIRST test when we have no experience on how to write answers for every subject. In fact, the only subjects I properly am confident with on answering skills are math and data structures. I never thought I’d say math is easier.

I’ve done only one module in math till now and have one and a half left, along with a few topics from the second subject I have to tomorrow left to study. I’m stressed. I’m legit pouring on my books and flipping pages and texting people frantically asking doubts.

And exactly during the test times I get a dozen ideas to blog about? Like, why does this happen?!

Yesterday, I was drafting at least THREE blog posts in my head while going through my morning routine, but I didn’t write them down or anything because the second I sat down, I opened my books to study. I fear I’ll fail in at least one subject this internals and I’m just trying to do my best in others.

Now that I’m typing this I’m becoming more guilty because I’m blogging instead of studying. I’ve been on “break” for about two hours now. I need to get my butt back to my books and get crackin’.

So, yeah, this is just a short and quick post just talking through my stress about exams. #nice I’ll get back to proper blogging once I’m done with internals, promise.

What are YOU upto today? Any plans for the weekend? (Wow, I’m asking this as the weekend is almost over. #nice) Are you reading anything today? IF so, what do you think about it? TALK ME THROUGH MY STRESS, THANKS.

6 thoughts on “Sundays in bed with.. MY TEXTBOOKS.”

    1. Thank you! Yeah I’m trying not to pressurise myself to blog because I want it to remain something that relaxes me and not give me more tension 😅


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