Life Update (I want to change my blog name? + new semester in college + other smol stuff)



Do you remember the last time I wrote a life update, or anything related to my life in general? Yeah, ME NEITHER.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a chatty blog post about multiple small things, and life and just rambled. There are SO MANY things I want to talk about, I’m guessing this post will be written over a few days. I promise I’ll try to keep it short, but honestly I’m just hoping I won’t forget to mention anything.

(Also, credits of the header image to my friend Chai who sends such aesthetic snapchats)


Welcome to all my new readers and followers! Quite a few people have been reading my posts over the last month, and also following me so HI. WELCOME. I’M SANE, I PROMISE.* In fact, I recently hit 900 followers! I COMPLETELY FORGOT to mention it in my August Wrap-up, which was stupid of me. Like, why brain? Why do you have to forget things?

*slightly relative, though?


It’s now my third semester in college! I’VE SURVIVED A YEAR IN THIS PLACE, GUYS. BE PROUD OF LIL OL ME. My blog was tinier then, but do any you remember me blogging about starting college? And talking about making friends and learning things about myself?

Well, I’m still doing the last two. I made quite a number of friends over the last month, and I think I’m now better at projecting myself. As in that these friends know I’m an introvert and they get me. While previously old friends thought I was an extrovert and later were confused? Am I making sense? Probably not.

Speaking of, one girl whom I know (not really friends with) said that she thought I was an extrovert! Another friend of mine was with us and exclaimed that I’m EXTREMELY introvert and that girl was just confused.


I didn’t update after my second sem ended, and I really wanted to! I just didn’t have enough to say? That semester was quite boring and uneventful. Also felt really short. We had about 2 weeks off before the third semester started. MY BREAK WAS TINY. MINISCULE. WAS THAT EVEN HOLIDAYS. I DON’T THINK SO. Pity me, peeps. And I’m back to six day weeks. I pity myself a lot.


Can we talk about updates for a minute? YouTube updated, and I quite like it? I’m more on okay terms with it.

WordPress updated too! I noticed while writing this post, actually. The publish button has changed, in case you didn’t. You can’t schedule from there now and have to go to post settings instead.

But the most important update: WhatsApp. I HATE IT. Well, it’s been a while since the update and I’m quite used to it now, but still. I don’t want the “stories” section there. Instagram copied Snapchat on that, facebook followed and now it’s in WhatApp as well. Can we stop with the stories.

In August, there was this another new update in WhatsApp which only came on my phone (as far as I know) and everyone else was confused when I posted that I hated it. It disappeared after I put up screenshots showing the new update. What was it, you ask? A small addition to the stories, actually. They added a text story feature where they provide a coloured background for you to write text on. Very nice, eh? I’m glad it disappeared.*


*I was hoping this would be a small rant but wow I wrote three paragraphs over it.


Quite a few of my friends now play Dota 2 due to the influence of one of them. She basically brought everyone she could onto it and now I’ve been convinced to try it as well.

As I write this (a few days before you’re reading this), I’m freshly out of my first multiplayer game. I played one bot game and went straight into it (the friend teaching me advised this *shrug*). I SUCKED. MAJORLY. I must have died half a dozen times, at least. I’m not feeling very favourable to the game right now.

I guessed this, though. I’m not someone who likes gaming much, so I expected that I wouldn’t get addicted to it, even if I liked the game. Honestly, I was just waiting to blog throughout. I should be more open to the game. Next time.


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a tweet by me saying that I’ll be changing my blog’s name soon. For a while now, I’ve been considering changing the name of this blog. Mostly because it’s too long and it isn’t catchy. I still like it, but I also want people to be able to remember it, you know?

I had one name in mind and tweeted then, but later decided to wait because I wasn’t sure I liked that name enough for it to be worth all the work I’d have to do. Work as in change all the links, graphics with the blog name on them etc. I still do want to change, and have a couple more names in mind. But the WORK. I feel tired just thinking about it.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this! Should I change the name? Or let it be?


One of my best friends had taken a gap year last year and joined college only this year. She moved away! This was the one whom I met almost every alternate day last year. Legit, we met as often as we could and both of us are really missing the other right now.

We actually hangout with another girl who is also our best friend. We’re a tight group of three. She still stays near my place, but it’s not the same as when all of us met up.

We’re living on the group video call app now. It’s fun to video call, though. We just talk randomly, have dinner while talking or just do something. The other day the first bestie called me a 5 year old. So, that was nice.* It was because I was in a playful mood and kept making faces at the camera and putting my tongue out.**


**I am really an inner 5 year old


Also, totally random thing. My review of Everything, Everything is suddenly gathering a lot of attention? I published it more than a year back and it’s views peaked in August THIS year. I’m not sure if it’s referred by another blogger and if that’s sending traffic? No clue. It’s a nice surprise! I just wished I knew why?* I don’t even notice anything different in that review compared to the others I’ve written.

Same with What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”? *confused expression*

*lowkey so I can post more of what y’all like.


My bullet journal feature Instagram account has over 30k followers! I’m not sure if you know, but I made an account on Instagram where I simply repost bullet journal pictures of others. My main intention was for it to become a place to come for inspiration since there’ll be a lot of different styles and spreads, but it also became a place for accounts to get attention through and now it’s growing so well! At the moment, I’m managing the account with another person and I’m bowled by how much it’s grown over the last year.

In case you want to check it out, it’s @bujobeauties on Instagram 🙂


I’m finally reading up on html! I have been blogging for around 18 months now and I only know the basic html. Only recently did I find how to do the different sizes of text. In short, I need to start learning things so I’m now reading up on html real quick. Hopefully, I’ll pick up some good stuff for this blog. I am planning on learning CSS and Python as well, after this. Gotta make my way through them programming languages, y’all.*

*I’m a computer science major in college. I need to know all of this.

Aand that’s about it for this life update! I could swear I had more things to talk about but I just don’t remember them?? Also I really need to go start on my assignment now. It’s due tomorrow. Ah damn.

What’s happening in your life? Anything interesting? What do you think about the updates and changes in social media apps? I think I quite like all the Instagram ones, though. I didn’t like the stories in the beginning, but I’m diggin’ it now! Also, what do you think about me changing this blog’s name to something shorter and (hopefully) catchy? Also, have you started a new year in school or college? How’s it going? Tell me all below!

9 thoughts on “Life Update (I want to change my blog name? + new semester in college + other smol stuff)”

  1. So proud of you for surviving a year in college. For me, I like your blog name but as you said, it’s too long and you want people to remember it so for me, change it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s quite a common feeling amongst bloggers, to want to rebrand. I’m thinking I’ll ask a couple of bloggers I know who changed and then decide. :/

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve MISSED YOUR UPDATES!!!! OKAY FIRST two week holidays???? 😦 And ohhh NAME CHANGE what’s the new thought??? I love everything you come up with! I can’t do HTML much I’m terrible and ALSO awwww inner 5 year old =me me me! OOH congrats on the 900 you’ll get 1000 soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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