The Candy book tag! (Wherein we talk sweets and books and unpopular opinions)

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Hello again.

I haven’t been technically tagged to do this tag, but I saw it on a blog I follow billions of years back* and wanted to do it. I’m finally doing it.


*more like half a year ago but I’ve forgotten WHICH blog so it feels like a billion years ago

I went and googled (like everyone does about anything) the tag and just took the first link that came up. This lead me to the loony teen writer‘s blog.

What we have to do, basically, is match the given types of candy to books. Now, I’m not a candy person. Rather, I’m not a lover of sweets either. I DO like sweets, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t eat more than one or two in one day. I just can NOT handle too much sweet. I avoid sweets which are too sweet. But this is a cool tag and the IRL fact shouldn’t stop me from doing it.


Apples: Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really icsn’t your thing.


Game of Thrones. The book OR the TV show. To be honest, I only read the first book and that took me SO LONG to get through, I abandoned the books after that. And about the TV show, I get the hype, I think? The feel when something happens combined with the music is amazing. The plot and story and how it all comes together is amazing. BUT. I’m not obsessed with it and I don’t see why so many people are.


(please don’t cremate me, GoT fans)


Milk chocolate: this is a book you’d recommend to absolutely EVERYONE.



I recommend books to people depending on what I think they’d like. And it’s hard to do that by just recommending my romance or YA favourites. I think if I had to choose one book I’d like everyone to read, it would be The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner. I don’t speak enough about this book, but it’s really good.


Black jellybeans: why do these exist??


Ahahahaha.. this is my thought on so many books I hate.

The first book that came to my mind was Sweet thing by Renee Carlino but I decided to go through my Goodreads and I think I found the perfect book for this. Aced by K. Bromberg. The first three books were good. I liked them. I liked the characters. But this fourth book, which was added like an after thought, ruined how I felt about the MC! It ruined the whole thing. And I actually waited for the release of this book and read it as soon as I could get it.


Chocolate kisses: awww this novel had the best romance.


I love NA romances. I also LOVE when they’re set in college. It’s no competition for a book in this setting if it’s written well. Especially if it’s got really nice characters.

Smut by Karina Halle is exactly like it sounds. There’s a lot of smut, but it’s also really adorable and I loved the couple.


Gummy Spiders: Eek! You made sure to check under your bed every night for a week after reading this scary one.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn isn’t horror. But it leaves you haunted. When I started the book, I knew I better read slow and not get sucked into it so I’d be left feeling spooked. But half through the book, I threw all caution out the window and read the rest in one sitting. I was wary of my surroundings for the rest of the night.


Jumbo Lollipop: This took you forever to get through, but hey! You did it!


I took a BREAK half-through Game of Thrones and went off reading other books for about a month before I came back and picked it up. I honestly can’t think of any other book I took so long to read as GoT. I’m nominating this a second time.


Cotton Candy: Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (you probably still do). Think children’s or MG fiction.


I know the PERFECT book for this. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Goodreads actually says this is YA but I think it is MG. I read it when I was.. 12, I think? I saw it in the library, was into fairytales then, so I picked it up. I still love it. I would probably love it all my life and make sure my future kids read it as well.


Aand that’s all there is!

I tag everyone. If you want to do it, go right ahead.


What are some of YOUR favourite candys? Or lollies or whatever else that is sugary and sweet and comes in different flavours? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Or are they on your TBR? 


8 thoughts on “The Candy book tag! (Wherein we talk sweets and books and unpopular opinions)”

  1. my favorite candies are those which are minty 😊 i like mint candies!! i’d choose them over anything else! especially milk chocolate + mint gaahhhh 😍
    i haven’t heard of any books listed on this tag except for game of thrones and sharp objects. i totes agree with your opinions on game of thrones. i just dont watch it bc i honestly didn’t rlly love the book 😞 i wasnt even halfway through the first book before i put it down and ne’er returned 😂 BUT OMG GILLIAN FLYNN i love her!! gahhh she has a knack for spinning completely effed up characters 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure I’m much of a fan of mint? They’re freshy and all that but I’m not really particular to them. But I’m up for anything chocolate! 😂

      FINALLY someone who shares my opinions on GoT!! I’ve legit been tip-toeing to whom I say it in real life because there are way too many fans in my college.

      And I TOTALLY agree on Gillian Flynn! You’re absolutely right, her knack for spinning effed up characters is brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

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