August wrap-up || too busy for life + even more slime obsession + minor freak out about time



Hi everyone. Excuse my minor freak out back there.

I feel like I start almost every monthly wrap-up freaking out about how another month has gone by without me noticing?? And I still feel like I’ve done nothing?!

I’ll spare you any more of that, and let’s head on to the what August held.

Oh and the background in my header was shot by my friend DJ. here’s your credit k thanks

Book reviews I published:

Notable things that happened:


I finally watched Kiminonawa! My best friend DJ has been trying SO VERY HARD to get me into anime and told me to watch this movie ASAP. After a little procrastinating, I did! It’s true, what DJ said, anything can be portrayed well in anime.


I changed my blog’s theme! You must have noticed how different it looks now, from the blue range colours to pink and candy colours dominating. I quite like how my posts look in this theme!


Semester 3 of college began in the second week and my days are back to being packed and busy with hardly any time for extra stuff. I basically just want to crash early every evening. But we haven’t got as many assignments as it was in the first two semesters, yet. I’m really glad for that. Since I’m with new classmates now, I’ve had to make friends and I have! I’m saying this as if it’s something huge, but then it is considering how introverted I am 😛


I actually told IRL people about my blog and they read it! I’m finally talking about it and giving links! That, too, to new friends I’m making! #success


I completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge! I had set it for 150 in the beginning of the year and I’M DONE Y’ALL.


Also isn’t Michelle the cutest EVER? I just love Full House. I don’t like Fuller house as much though. No sorry Full House is best.

On the internet:


Really loved Paperfury’s How to get people to read your book blog post! It was equal parts advices and fun.


I found May’s blog forever and everly! This is the first time I’m coming across her blog, and I really like it! You should definitely check it out. (Her tagline is read. write. mangoes. lol)


Abigail, Chris and May teamed up for a collab on how blogging can help with social anxiety in real life, which I quite agree with. Blogging has made me more confident on conversing and presenting myself to others. I’m way better at approaching new people, making friends and conversing now.

Click here to read part one of the collab.


The two YouTubers whose videos I watch religiously, especially their vlogs, are Zoella and PointlessBlog (Alfie). I love Zoella’s vlogs because they’re cozy and perfect to play in the background while doing something. But I like Alfie’s vlogs because they’re so upbeat and motivational. This vlog of his earlier this month shows exactly why.

He spends the first few minutes motivating the viewers to GET UP and DO what they want to do. I watched this while taking some chill time after college, and I actually felt like doing something productive after this!

Honestly, I cannot stress enough on having something to motivate you. Whether it’s books, blogs, YouTube videos, a role model or whatever else. MOTIVATION IS IMPORTANT.


I am STILL obsessed with slime. In fact, I showed my mom and few friends in college slime playing videos as well, and they like it too! I still have to get supplies and make slime to play with (products from the shops I see cost too much because of shipping and currency difference) but soon. Soon, I shall make.

(GET TO THE POINT.) I watched this video of Collins Key’s where he and his brother MAKE SLIME. And the video was SO HILARIOUS! I loved it! I have never watched Collins Key’s videos before, and I’m glad I watched this one.

*While adding the links for the YouTube videos I spent time watching them again and I really need to go do some work  #rip

Aand that’s it for this wrap-up!

How was YOUR August? What did you do? Anything new happen? Which YouTube videos did you love? Are you frEAKING OUT over the fact that we’re so close to 2018 too? I mean, I CAN’T BE ALONE IN THIS. Were you at least productive in August, unlike me? Tell me all, especially if they’re stories!

7 thoughts on “August wrap-up || too busy for life + even more slime obsession + minor freak out about time”

  1. August was cost,in that month I use my one salary in just 2 days….haaaahaaa
    My birthday in that month
    My son birthday in that month
    Aur along other festivals like Rakshabandhan & Janamastami.
    But I happy lot of enjoyed that month.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You just found May’s blog. You’ve been missing out MAJORLY! HER BLOG is FABULOUS!!! AMAZING EVERY GOOD THInG IN THE WORLD. 150 books? JUST Wow. I’ve read 90 and IM SupeR PROUD!! You told people about your blog IN. REAL. LIFE. Haha I’m dead. I would find that plain awkward tbh. Love the new theme.

    Liked by 1 person

      Lol even I can’t believe I read so many books? I legit wouldn’t remember half of them if you asked me.
      And thank you so much! I’m glad you like the new theme 😊


  3. Omg creds (#allILiveFor)
    Seriously though. So proud of how far you’ve come. Finally telling peeps about your blog :’D You go girl. You need to be my celebrity friend. ❤ k bye

    Liked by 1 person

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