Favourite songs of the month

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Hey everyone!

I haven’t listened to many new songs this month, so not many were played on repeat or came into my favourites. For about half of the month I simply listened to old songs I had and was in need of new music.

Anyway, to the songs:

California Dreaming by Arman Cekin ft. Paul Rey

I hadn’t actually heard this song before recently, and that was when I was on the way home from college along with friends and they played this in the car. I immediately loved it.

I have taken to playing a long edit version of this song (around 1 hour) in the background while I’m blogging because it doesn’t have much lyrics to distract but it’s also got really nice chill tunes.

Beautiful Now by Zedd ft. Jon Bellion

I usually like Zedd’s music, but I was introduced to him only recently and had never heard this song before. This is EXACTLY the kind of dance music I love. It’s perfect for jamming and good days. This was recommended to me by a new friend while we were exchanging music recs, and I’m so glad he did.

Neverland by Abstract ft. Ruth B

This came up on suggestions after California Dreaming and as I had kept autoplay on on YouTube, it just started playing in the background and I really like it!

Runaway by AURORA

The aforementioned friend shared a Tiny Desk Concert video of AURORA singing three of her songs and told me to watch her sing. And oh my goodness! She COMPLETELY delves into the music and goes into a whole different world living the song when singing. It was so eerie to watch her “wake up” after finishing the song. Wow.

After that, I started listening to all of her songs one by one as I got time.

Running with the wolves by AURORA

I also really love this song. Incidentally, I realised today, I HAVE heard to this song before. But it was the Nightcore version during the time when I was obsessed with Nightcore. I liked it but not enough to trace back to the original. Gotta say, original is better.

Click here to watch her Tiny Desk Concert, if you want to. Just watch her sing.ย I also recommend her song Winter Bird.

What I really want to know is how she got into the music industry. I read her Wiki and it spoke about when she started writing music but didn’t mention how she was “found”.


And that’s it for this month!

Have you heard to any of these songs before? What’s your take on them? Also, DO let me know if you’ve heard them for the first time here and whether you liked it. Which were YOUR favourite songs that played on repeat this month? I’m always looking for new music.ย 

9 thoughts on “Favourite songs of the month”

    1. Thank you! I’ve only heard Neverland by Ruth B actually. I’m totally listen to the other two right now, and if they’re anything like Neverland I’m sure I’ll love them!
      Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’•


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