The lesson plan || not as good I thought it would be

lesson plan.jpgTitle: The Lesson Plan

Author: Charlotte Penn Clark

Genre: NA contemporary

Status: Book 3 in the Extra Credit trilogy



The Nerd and the Geek.

When Noah’s passion for classics lands him in a pilot class called Extra Credit for students in trouble he gets more than he bargained for—like Holly, the geeky girl he’s been crushing on who becomes his partner and friend.

Holly’s passion for computers almost got her suspended but at least she got Noah out of it. He’s her best friend—and if he wants more she has no clue.

Together they come up with a lesson plan to help Noah get his head out of his books and Holly get her eyes off a computer screen. But it turns out there’s plenty more to learn from each other. And even the best laid plans….

Extra Credit is a New Adult series that takes place on a college campus and puts three unlikely couples together to see what happens. Each novella is in dual point-of-view with a happy ending that can be read as a standalone, though they’re better together…! The series includes sexy times that are only meant for readers over 18.


I read the first book of this trilogy, The Partnership, and I really wanted to read about the other two couples. I expected more, honestly.

The Plot

We have Ethan and Holly, who have ended up in the Extra Credit class which is sort of like the college level “detention” due to some things they’re done. They get paired up for the class and fall for each other.

For quite sometime in the beginning, I was irritated. With both the characters. Holly was in a long-distance relationship but it wasn’t really a relationship?? I didn’t understand why she didn’t break up with the guy. She also led Ethan on a bit. Unintentionally, but it felt too much like mixed signals.

Then we have Ethan who is quietly pining after Holly and can’t make a move because she’s already spoken for. There is the constant “I want her but I can’t have her” thing going on. Even later, when he could make a move, he didn’t! Both of them wanted to be more than friends but they wouldn’t take the step!? This was pretty much me:

let's move on GIF.gif

I was not very impressed with the plot.

The Characters

Ethan is a mellow guy who loves classics and was a normal guy. Nothing big to set him apart etc. He was cute and all, but I didn’t particularly like him.

Holly is a geeky girl who loves computers. She’s also super active. She’s very jubilant and is kind of like a ray of sunshine.

My main issue with the book was that I couldn’t relate to the characters or connect with them. It was quite.. boring. I didn’t feel the chemistry between them, I couldn’t get on with the writing and I was disappointed.



I don’t have very much to say. I was disappointed because I really wanted to like the book, but I didn’t.



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