The Gravity of Us || numb guy + over-feeling girl + a baby = a very interesting story

the gravity of usTitle: The Gravity of Us

Author: Brittainy C. Cherry

Genre: Adult Romance

Status: Book 4 of Elementals series but can be read as a standalone



Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.

Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.


This was a VERY different book. What felt different?

  • the writing style
  • the main characters

Let me dive in into more detail.

The Plot

Lucille “Lucy” is living with her boyfriend, managing a florist business along with her sister, Mary, and she meets Graham when dropping off flowers to a funeral. Coincidentally, the funeral is of Graham’s father.

We’re given a small backstory on both the characters before either of them meet. Graham’s story with his wife and their child; Lucy’s sister’s cancer recovery and how she supported her, and also a teeny bit about her boyfriend.

Graham and Lucy are brought together by their individual concerns about Graham’s daughter, Talon. Lucy cares about Talon as she finds out that her eldest sister Lyric is Talon’s mother; and once Lyric bails on Talon and Graham at the hospital when Talon was in a bad condition, Lucy decides to help.

Slowly, slowly, Lucy and Graham bond.

The Characters

Graham is apathetic, unfeeling, and basically does not (want to) have emotions. He’s also a brilliant writer, whose books are very popular. His backstory is also quite captivating, and how it affects him later in life hit me in the heart. Despite all of this, what made me fall in love with the book was his relationship with his daughter Talon. He made so much effort right from the beginning to care for Talon, even though he totally expects himself to become like his own father and basically fail. I melted every single time he was brought back to life through caring for Talon. This might be a romance story, but Graham and Talon were a HUGE part of why the story is captivating.

“..And she’ not eating much. I’m not sure what to do, so I was going to try kangaroo care.”

“What’s kangaroo care?”

“It’s when the parent and the child have skin-to-skin contact to form a bond. It works best for mothers, I believe, though the nurses told me I should try it, which seems pointless,” he grumbled as the crying continued. He held her as if she was a football and swayed frantically, almost as if he was falling apart from not being able to calm her.

That was when I started loving Graham.

Lucy is the exact opposite. If Graham was monochromatic, Lucy was all the colours flashing, at the same time, on high intensity. She felt so much and never shied away from her feelings. She’s a herb-loving hippie woman and she was just perfect for Graham. What I loved most about Lucy was that she was loyal. She stuck through with Graham and Talon, didn’t even consider NOT helping when she found out about Talon, cared for those she loved without asking for anything and she fell in love unapologetically.

The Romance

Together, they were PERFECT.

I loved that the relationship growth was slow, and I fell in love with them as a couple a bit more every single time they became a little closer.

“Love doesn’t push things away. Love doesn’t suffocate. It makes the world bloom. She taught me that. She taught me how love works.”


A book I FELL into and I stayed there. I was slightly disoriented after finishing it because I didn’t want to leave. There were so many small tiny things that, together, makes you want to grab this book and absorb it into yourself. Absolutely loved it.

I haven’t read the other books in this series, but after reading this one I’m definitely going to try them out.

Sometimes when your heart wanted a full-length novel, the world only gave you a novella, and sometimes when you wanted forever you only had those few seconds of now. And all I could do, all anyone could ever do, was make each moment count.


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