Orphan Black season 1: review and discussion


I’ll be honest, it’s been a wee while since I watched it. And by wee I mean more than two months. I have actually binged four seasons, and am waiting for the fifth to finish so I can binge that as well.

I’ll be talking only about season 1, though, because it’ll be easier to avoid any spoilers. And plus, I love season 1 SO MUCH more than the others.

What is the show all about?

We start off with a woman called Sarah witnessing another woman’s suicide by jumping in front of a running train. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, the other woman looked EXACTLY like Sarah.

long lost twins?

Sarah steals Beth’s purse and investigates. Beth’s ID could TOTALLY pass for her, and after talking to her foster brother (and awesome sidekick) Felix, she decides that she has to check out Beth’s life.

Now, Sarah’s only goal is to get some money and get away to a nice life with her daughter Kira and Felix. So when she looks into Beth’s accounts, she finds that Beth was sitting on a huge lump of money. Sarah decides to impersonate Beth by dying her hair, watching videos to get how Beth acts and quickly puts things in motion at the bank.

But it can’t be that simple.

Later, she finds out that Beth is actually a cop who is on suspension due to unreasonable civilian shooting. Oh and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend returns looking to make Sarah payback for the drugs she stole from him to sell. On top of that, Beth’s husband Paul returns home and starts being suspicious. If all of this wasn’t enough, she finds more women who look exactly like her.

She learns from them that all of them are clones as part of an illegal experiment, and things get messier when someone starts killing them off.

So the basic concept is..

Cloning. There is a LOT of biology and science facts, lots of new information we learn as viewers about DNA and genes. The women also try to find out who actually made them and this leads us into a pool of so much more science and theories.

But the show is also about identity. It revolves all these women who look exactly like each other and are only different by the world they lived/live in. It’s about owning yourself and being individual even with other versions of YOU running around.

My reaction to season 1

I think it’s BRILLIANT.

  • I loved the idea of cloning and versions of one person in different settings. It’s almost like parallel universe lives, in the same world.
  • I also loved the science. It was so interesting to listen about all these topics that I wouldn’t have bothered to read on otherwise. Quite a few times I went online to find out more about the theories and how it all works. It fed the nerd in me.
  • It also had a danger element with the killings, which added the action factor into the show. When they find out the identity of the killer? It’s even better.
  • The interactions between the clones was SO FUN to watch. It’s like long lost sisters meeting each other, forming bonds and becoming family. There comes a point when you’re really unsure who to trust, but you can always count on your sister clones.

Tatiana Maslany is one BRILLIANT AF actress. She plays half the main cast. Every time I see her listed in the cast list, or an award nomination, it’s so different when you see it written like, “Tatitana Maslany as Sarah/Allison/Cosima/Beth…..etc.” The way she tries to keep the characters distinct and how we KNOW which character is really on screen even when one clone is impersonating another—brilliant. I can’t stop saying that word.

My take on the characters:

  • Sarah grew up in the foster care system and her life is mostly in the shady parts of town. She absolutely LOVES her daughter, and pretty much doesn’t think of anyone else. On occasion, Felix, but not very often. One thing that bothered me about her was how she treated Felix throughout the seasons. He’s always there for her, but she doesn’t give him some slack when he wants time of his own. Every time there’s a problem, she drags Felix into it and expects him to leave all else and help.
  • Felix is the BEST. SIDEKICK. EVER. He’s always there for Sarah, and later for other clones as well. It’s like he’s the honorary member of the Clone Club. He’s badass, fun, loyal, caring and everything awesome. I absolutely loved him.
  • Allison is the soccer mom version of Sarah. Honestly, the hair, makeup and mannerisms are so different in acting that I might have realised she’s a clone only a few minutes later, if they hadn’t said it themselves. She’s a mom of two, living in the suburbs with her picture-perfect, white-picket-fence family. On the surface, she seems as a simple person, with only one face. But as we go, we find out so many layers to her character. I don’t love her, but she’s interesting to follow.
  • Cosima is probably my most favourite clone. It’s a tie between her and another clone (spoiler so I’m not saying the name). She is a genius and I love her nerdiness, science mind and how she’s damn good at what she knows and does.

You might like the show if you love

  • science stuff
  • interesting theories and conspiracies
  • shows that have a LOT going on
  • and getting hooked into shows with new ideas

Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, click here to skip this section

I liked Paul! But I also didn’t? I’m someone who loves a romantic aspect in every story I read/see and he gave me that so yeah. I don’t think I particularly like him for anything other than how he refused to betray Sarah and fell in love with her. But as the seasons went on, I started hating him. Especially in season 3. I was so done with his character. I’m glad he died.

Helena was AWESOME. I LOVED seeing her on-screen with her complex personality. It’s a tie between her and Cosima for my favourite clone. I really loved her interactions, how she’s almost like a child, but can turn into a badass killer when needed. Throughout the seasons, I always loved watching her.

I did NOT like Siobhan, Sarah and Felix’s foster mom. I always felt like she has some hidden agenda. Always.

Donnie was dumb? Like, I never liked his character. Maybe he’s suitable for Allison but honestly, I just felt like he was dumb. And very gullible.

Dr. Leekie (is that how to spell his name?) was freaky. With his evolutionism and stuff. So weird.

I liked Cosima and Delphine’s romance! It was nice to see. They’re probably my most favourite couple of the show. But then, I didn’t like them that much either. The romance really takes a backseat in this show.


I absolutely loved it. I DEFINITELY recommend it to everyone. It’s not that popular, and I’m quite surprised! I think it should be popular.

To be honest, my interest started waning as the seasons went. Too much was added in and it became so complex and out of hand. I’m kinda glad the show is ending after season 5. But season 1 will always be gold.

Have you watched the show? If not, would you? Are you a science nerd? Do you know anymore shows with really cool storylines? 

12 thoughts on “Orphan Black season 1: review and discussion”

  1. I am a simple girl. I see Orphan Black and I quickly tap the post 😅
    Seriously tho. That show’s AMAZING! I haven’t watched season 4 yet because I kinda want a buffer until season 5 is done (which is also when I’ll probably wail and cry like an overgrown llama) but omg YAAAS Tatiana Maslany. So brilliant! I was surprised she didn’t get the Emmy’s when she was nominated (but I still loved that Viola Davis won it 😄)
    Yeah, I share your dislike with Siobhan. Probably the only thing I like about her is her accent because I have a thing with accents 😂 Also I love Helena!!! I’m always giddy when she’s there and I’m always like, “Uh-oh here she comes! Yas gurl kill ’em!” 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same tho! I’ll really miss the characters! And Helena is THE BEST EVER.
      When season 5 began I saw a few people tweeting about it and I immediately went offline for a few days to avoid spoilers 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m definitely interested in giving this a watch – it sounds great! Thanks for this review, I’m going to watch the first episode a watch soon😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. THIS SHOW IS BLOODY AMAZING AF! Number one, it’s a show about how strong women are! Number 2, Tatiana Maslany is the best, like an actual goddess that came down from heaven. She’s brilliant and she plays each character so well that you always forget that they are played by the same person. Number 3, the freaking concept. Oh my god!

    Although i am very very hurt that you kinda hate Siobhan! Like why? She loves her chickens the most! She will always do anything for them! Why do you dislike her? *cries in clones*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know! Siobhan always has something else going on and she’s following another plan. It sorta makes me distrust her *shrugs*


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