August bullet journal set up

August (1).png

Hey y’all!

If you’ve been following my posts the last month, you might know that I finished my finals only on 24th of July. Well guess what? My next semester’s classes start TOMORROW. In short, I had only two weeks of vacation.

Since this is a new academic year with me finally moving into my department, and I figured settling in would be hectic, I went for very simple spreads. Knowing how I am, I expect I wouldn’t even do dailies a few times because I wouldn’t have the time for it.


I am really happy with the way my habit trackers banner turned out.


I saw a few nice banners on Pinterest and tried out one. (Speaking of, my username there is iridescencey in case you’re interested to look through my boards *wink*) (why am I winking) (moving on)

Inspite of the busy schedule, I am determined to keep up with my trackers. Especially my mood tracker. The last month was mostly “relaxed” for me, and I want to see how classes affects my moods.


Last month, my mood tracker was in the form of a feather. This time, I simply picked up my pen and started drawing. I ended up with a snake of triangles (I don’t know what else to call it lol). The page does have quite some empty space so I’m planning to doodle around it throughout the month.


And that’s it for my August set up! I’m not committing myself to any more spreads as I’m not sure of my schedule.


What do you think of my bullet journal? How’s your August looking? Any new beginnings? Are you going back to school this month? Are you keeping a planner or a bullet journal? 

7 thoughts on “August bullet journal set up”

  1. I really like your set up…your habit tracker banner is awesome! 🙂 I SO wish I could bullet journal. Sadly, I’m an extreme perfectionist so I can’t see that working out any time soon, haha.

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