5 books I loved but haven’t reviewed (warning: LOTS of fangirling and all caps sentences)

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Hey y’all! I just got done with my first lab final (which was yesterday) and I felt the inspiration to blog. Only, what to blog, is the question.

Since the peeps over at The Broke and The Bookish have gone on hiatus for their Top Ten Tuesday meme, I have to actually think myself on what to blog?? I only started doing TTTs for a short while now, but it’s great, and so fun to blog about! Therefore, since I’m new, there are YEARS of TTT memes I haven’t done yet. I picked this topic for today.

Fact: this post was actually to contain TEN books, as per the TTT norm. But after I wrote about 5 books, I realised this had turned into a big enough post and stopped. #sorrynotsorry? 


I DON’T review every book I read, and therefore there are a lot of books I haven’t reviewed. Somehow, I tend to not review quite a few of my faves, simply because I don’t know WHAT TO SAY. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT ALL THESE FEELINGS INTO COHERENT SENTENCES, PERSON? HOW? THERE ARE TOO MANY FEELS. *true life crisis, right there*


[1] Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Seriously though. How do people review this book? (If you have, how, you genius person?)

Here’s a list of everything I had feels over (i.e. reasons why I couldn’t write the review)

  • Cath. I mean, come on. She’s basically me. I related SO BLOOMIN’ MUCH that I simply COULD NOT put her awesomeness, nerdiness, kind sister-ness (I just made up a word because I’m still not coherent enough to write about this book, FORGIVE ME), and fangirl-ness (there you, I made another word).
  • Levi. I MEAN—how. Levi was/is/always will be the guy of my dreams. He doesn’t read? No problem! LISTEN TO ME RANT ABOUT BOOKS. Plus, he didn’t care about Cath’s twin (even though she’s way hotter, apparently). He LOVES CATH. HE WAS PERFECT FOR HER.

(Honestly, though. I wouldn’t mind a guy who doesn’t read books. I wouldn’t have to worry about spoiling him about everything. All I want is someone to rant to about books. Thanks.)

  • Cath’s fam. I loved that her family and all those issues were brought in as well. I would have been SERIOUSLY PUT OFF if there was no family shown. But there was actually a lot of it, and it felt so real, okay? Okay.
  • I’ll stop here, otherwise this will become an actual review.

Gotta say, though, there was ONE tiny little thing I didn’t like about the book. Simon Snow. Cath’s fandom. We were given tiny snippets in between and I could make out neither head nor tail of it? I don’t think they were in order, either? I was one really confused little pumpkin. Plus, the snippet/story in the end? I understood it, but a friend who read the book on my recommendation didn’t. I think she was confused about the whole book, actually. #different_people_different_views

Also, when the author wrote a book on Simon Snow (fandom in this book), I read and LOVED it. It was like reading fanfiction, in book form. 💙


[2] Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


Aah we get to this book. *rubs hands together in preparation*

Note: this is book 3 of the Throne of Glass series in case any of y’all didn’t know.

After that BOMBSHELL of a reveal in the end of Crown of Midnight, I could NOT WAIT to get to this book. And boy, was this book the BEST EVER.

Why was this book so great?

  • We get to see Fae, finally. And it’s very exciting.
  • We get a lot of Rowan. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY.
  • I cannot tell you how much I love this book because of the huuge parts with Rowan and Aelin. I LOVED seeing their relationship grow from hate/detest to friendship to something more.
  • I was struggling to choose between Dorian and Chaol with Aelin, and then we get Rowan and I threw the other ships out the window. NO THENKS BYE.
  • Also, we get to see Maeve. Gotta say, I enjoy reading about bitchy villain characters. Mostly, I like bitching about them, and Maeve gave me that. (I’m hoping she’s, at least, put to her place by Aelin and crew in the following books)
  • Aelin’s PTSD, depression and sad feelings were fianlly shown in this book. I felt the first two books quite unrealistic because even after going through so much, Aelin seemed fine?? Um, excuse me, whut? But there’s actual dealing with and recovery in this book, and I love that.

I almost picked Queen of Shadows (book 4) to talk about instead, but I enjoyed HoF way more. QoS had a few characters acting like dumb-heads and I was NOT amused.



[3] Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde


This book contains:

  • SupaCon (which is like ComicCon so I. AM. SOLD.)
  • YOUTUBERS. This has got to be the first book I have read which has YouTubers in it. Like, yes, show me more about their lives. Show me behind-the-scenes. Yes.
  • LGBTQA+ representation. #hellyes Also, THE ROMANCE IS SO CUTE AND ADORBS I CAN’T EVEN. (I ship them so hard, you don’t know the half of it)
  • BRILLIANT autism rep. THANK YOU FOR THAT. YES I WANT MORE. (but there isn’t more so I have a few measly tears)
  • TWO CUTE ROMANCES?! We get not ONE dream adorable romance but TWO. I do not have enough feels-capacity. I need to go borrow a friend for this. (“borrow a friend”?? What am I even speaking.)

Are you glad I haven’t written the review? Because I’m pretty sure half the review would contain caps. And you won’t be able to read normal-sized sentences anymore because what are those puny lil letters nah they’re not important. #truelifeissues



[4] Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi


Okay so, I’m getting real. I didn’t like the first book much. I didn’t like the second book much either. But I LOVED THE THIRD BOOK SO MUCH I COULD GO TO HELL FOR IT. #nolie

Why do I love this book so much?

  • BECAUSE WARNER. (I don’t want to give away spoilers by saying his first name but I really want to *sobs*)
  • _____ WARNER IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME. (I put the spaces because I called him by his full name in my head and it feels so mundane when I simple say Warner) (I need better life issues)
  • Also, Juliette and Warner and all the feels and smut and love and EVERY. SINGLE. THING.
  • Oh, and I cannot forget Juliette’s best friend Kenji. I loved him for two books and liked Warner but then the third book finally showed Warner properly and I rearranged my priorities. (I need better priorities as well)
  • Warner jealous is MY FAVOURITE THING EVER.
  • Warner as a lover is also my favourite thing ever.

(Someone tell me where I can go get a life) (but the fictional life is SO FUN)


[5] Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson


In all honesty, I DID plan on writing a review on the book. I had notes and everything in app. BUT, the thought of putting it all into proper words and sentences and order it in a review… I kept procrastinating until it was too late and I just abandoned it.

So what I liked about the book:

  • It’s PLOT
  • Yes, it DOES have a love triangle (which I was also slightly miffed about because WHY)
  • But then.. I started shipping both the pairings?
  • I am supposed to choose between a perfect Prince (who is also a lil rebellious and miffed that some girl had enough guts to leave him standing at the altar when he didn’t have the guts to do the same) and a badass assassin (who wants to kill her and has a secret agenda but then falls in love with her)???
  • Also, did I mention the prince and the assassin become BESTIES?? UM HELLO WHAT IS GOING ON HERE I NEED TO CHOOSE BUT I CAN’T—aargh!
  • But of course there’s also a plot with ancient prophecies and ancestors and hidden stories and whatnot.

Granted, I did not like the MC much but gotta say, she’s got balls to run away like she did.



Aand I’ve talked in caps enough for today? Ya think? I’ve got another final in two days and I’m gonna go study for that. Ciao, peeps!


Are you a book blogger as well? Have you gone through this crisis of to review/to not review? Did you manage to push through and write, or are you like me and avoid it altogether? What are some of YOUR favourite books that, if asked to, you wouldn’t be able to write coherent reviews for? Let me know in the comments!

19 thoughts on “5 books I loved but haven’t reviewed (warning: LOTS of fangirling and all caps sentences)”

  1. I adoreeeee HoF. I am SO behind with the series now (but I will catch up…eventually), but I just loved how the world expanded so much. And Rowannn! ❤ And oh, gosh, IGNITE ME… I love, love, love those books. So much. I thought the character develop for Warner and Juliette was amazing. (and how can one NOT love Warner!?!?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you catch up on ToG series soon! QoS is AMAZING. (Have you read that one yet)
      And YES, Ignite Me 😍 Just thinking about the book and Warner makes me swoon. I missed the books and characters so much I went on google and found fanfictions to keep me alive 😂


  2. I haven’t been through that crisis yet, but I’ve only been a book blogger for a little over a month, haha. So I’m pretty sure that I’ll be having the same crisis in the future, someday. But I hope I won’t because I like to drool all over my blog when I found a book I absolutely loved. Like, come on, that love has to be spread, no?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the blogging world and book blogging community! I hope you never have to face this crisis because, yes, the love has to spread. I just can’t review because I’ll be a blubbering mess the whole time 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a cute post! 🙂 I haven’t read any of them but Fangirl and I also haven’t reviewed it because what do I even say?? I would just be gushing about Cath and Levi the entire time. 😀 Queens of Geek has been on my tbr for a while now, I need to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, I completely agree with you on Fangirl! Cath and Levi are so cute, I could ignore everything else for them 😝 I hope you like Queens of Geek!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yesss I loved Fangirl as well!! It’s awesome to read as a little pick me up, I finished reading it for the third time a few weeks ago! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG Fangirl!

    I picked that book up on a whim and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Rainbow Rowell has been bumped to an all-time favourite now. I review the book on my blog and was totally not a fan of the Simon Snow-verse. It felt like a major disconnect, the chapters in between.

    Also Levi ❤

    Check it out: https://reveriesofanimaginationjunkie.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/fangirl/

    I have so many books on my TBR (To Be Reviewed) list that makes me feel super guilty about not getting to it. I think if someone asked me to review like a Harry Potter book, any book, I wouldn’t be able to. I love the original series too much. Plus I feel like with all the added tidbits and new books, there’s too much of opinion already out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will check it out!
      And exactly, there are so many reviews out there it’s easier to believe yours isn’t required 😅


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