July Bullet Journal setup

July bullet journal.png

Hey y’all!

As my finals started today, and I wouldn’t have time to setup and show you my spreads, I decided to do them ahead of time. (Currently typing up this post a couple days in advance)

My notebook ran out of pages by June so I FINALLY got to set up this GORGEOUS notebook I got in Comic Con back in November 2016. It was the FIRST TIME I found notebooks with dot-gridded pages! I hadn’t found any in the stationary shops around my home, and I had to hold myself back really hard from buying as many dot-grid notebooks I could that day.

This is how the front cover looks:

I love that it portrays music again (my last notebook had a piano engraved on the cover) and it feels so good! The only problem in this book is that it doesn’t come with page markers. My last notebook didn’t as well, but I had made my own page marker due to the way it was made. This one, not the same. I’m thinking of using paper clips as markers but have to see, not decided yet. (Not a fan of paperclips)

Anyway, getting to the actual setup inside. The first two pages were blank, which I skipped over. And this is the first page I’m using (shown below) which will be an index. I’m planning (or get my best friend who draws brilliantly) to draw a goat drawing on the left hand side, simply because my zodiac is Capricorn (and my animal is a goat) and I found a VERY nice design on Pinterest. I’ll make sure to show y’all once it’s done (mostly only after my finals).


Since I hardly used the index in my last notebook, I decided to keep that to only one page this time. Next is the calendar for the next six months of the year and a blank page for future log.


I did not use my future log much as well, therefore decided to not make it into sections like usual and just left it blank for me to write as a mixed list whenever something comes up.


I’m not one for very long-term pages so I directly jumped into the monthly pages after that. I scrolled on Instagram and Pinterest a lot looking for monthly page inspiration. I wanted something simple, different yet colourful. I actually ended up taking this hexagon idea from an advert that came on feed in Instagram.

I like how it’s simple and very minimalistic. And I’ve been playing around with my monthly events calendar for the last year and I wanted to try this method (shown on the right hand side page above) this time.


Onto the habit tracker. I’ve kept the layout almost same to June’s setup. I took the idea for the header illustration from @bulletbymalin on Instagram. (Her bullet journal is so artsy and still looks simple—I love it)


I totally stole the idea for the mood feather from @meglet329 on Instagram. Her’s just looked so lovely! I had to try it. (Didn’t turn out that good, but oh well)

And then my expense tracker, of course. I’m not sure if one page is enough, as I don’t expect to spend much in July, so I decided that if I need more I’ll just have another page in between.


Lastly, I reserved a page for blog-related tasks. I actually use the last few pages of my bullet journal for planning out blog posts, notes and such but didn’t have a page to write down all my to-dos in one place until now. Decided I really needed it this month. I’m still continuing the system of using the last few pages, because that worked really well for me.

As my last notebook is completely filled, I’ll make sure to show y’all how I use my bullet journal for my blog sometime soon 🙂

And that’s it! I’ll see y’all in a few days with another post. Ba-bye!

What do you think of my setup? Do you use a bullet journal as well? Also do let me know if you have any questions about my bullet journal below, and I’ll do my best to answer them! 

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