May bullet journal flip through


Hey everyone!

I’m not doing an April bullet journal flip through because there’s hardly anything down for that month. May doesn’t have as much as normal either, but there is some, and I really want to share my monthly spreads. So let’s go.



I tried a different type of monthly calendar spread this time, and I have to say that this is suiting me best at this time. Especially because I don’t have much going on, and I can’t bother to spend much time on an elaborate spread.


I had never tried a mood tracker before, but wanted to see how well my mental health was this time. I’m not doing it again in June, but I might in July. This method of tracking my mood isn’t for me. I didn’t like it. A few days back i saw a tracker which was creative and different so I’m planning to that. I’m excited for next month.


I’ve also been wanting to keep track of my expenses for a while and finally got around to it this month. I’m glad that I could keep my list to one page. I would have been really disappointed in myself if I’d gone over.

In the next page, I wrote down a poem I absolutely LOVED by Kate published in Burning Youth blog. (You should all check out the blog. I love their writing, especially because it’s raw feeling.)



And that was it in May! As I said, I didn’t bullet journal much that month.


P.S. I run a bullet journal feature account @bujobeauties on Instagram where I feature pictures and especially spreads of different types for inspiration. If you’re interested, do follow 😊


How was your May? Do you use a planner? Did you start anything new? Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “May bullet journal flip through”

  1. Good gone may! I didn’t try new. May was very hot most of peoples take a rest same i. I think start new but i couldn’t follow that. In may i would have wrote a story. But pending from my side reason was lazy ness.

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