Poison Princess || how did I just get through the whole book

20759393.jpgTitle: Poison Princess

Author: Kresley Cole

Genre: YA fantasy

Status: Book 1 of The Arcana Chronicles

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Sixteen-year-old Evie Greene thought her horrific apocalyptic hallucinations were a sign that she was slowly losing her mind. But when her visions come true, decimating the world around her and killing everyone she loves, Evie is forced to accept that she was seeing the future. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she turns to wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate, the gorgeous and dangerous Jackson Deveaux for help. As Jackson and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have got the same call and discover that Evie is not the only one with special powers. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and as the battle between good and evil intensifies, it is not always clear who is on which side…


I read this book solely because one of my friends has been pushing me to read it for over a year. I wasn’t very enthusiastic, because I’ve read one other book by the same author called The Professional, again on insistence of the same friend, and I hated it.

Now, enough of the backstory and onto the review.

The Plot

Evie has been having hallucinations and dreams, hearing voices for a while, and she was sent to a mental institution to “get fixed”. Of course, the voices and hallucinations don’t stop. Then, one day, all of them come true. The apocalypse starts, marked by an event called the “Flash”. Everything is now remembered as Before Flash and After Flash. After this, all the events seemed very similar to the book Angelfall, except for the hallucinations, dreams and voices.

I wasn’t very impressed by the way things were going because the major focus kept coming back on Evie and Jackson’s romance and relationship. The same things kept coming back up—how she’s stuck-up, looks down on him, is useless and needs him for protection and to survive etc. Then there would be her fantasizing about him and gazing at him. I’ve gotten way too many descriptions of how good he looks.

The deal with the “Arcana” is that all the characters depicted in the Arcana deck of cards are real and every some years the Arcana are born and the same chain of events follow. Or so I think. There wasn’t enough focus on Arcana as I would have liked.

The story is a mix of fantasy, normal teen angst and romance in an apocalyptic setting. 

The Characters

  • Evie: I kind of hated her. She whined a lot, didn’t bother learning in earnest, just tagged along and let Jackson do everything, was spineless most of the time and was actually useless, as Jackson said. I get that the “character improvement” required this, to show the difference in her in the end, but she literally did not make any effort unless she absolutely HAD to.
  • Jackson: He didn’t fit. I almost felt like his character was mostly just what the author wanted to add in i.e. wrong-side-of-the-tracks, badass, troubled childhood etc. Him being completely human didn’t bother me as much as the traits. His character was so cliched. But he didn’t actually fit in with the Arcana story and didn’t gel in. I could have done with Jackson having a completely different personality and story.

I can’t talk about every side character, but I can say that none of them made an impression on me. If I had to pick, Matthew would be my choice, but I would just rather pick none.

The Romance

I honestly just don’t want to talk about this. Yes, I disliked it that much.

Evie and Jackson’s story would seem like the usual cliched one where the popular rich girl who is nice to everyone goes for the badass boy who is more than what he seems. Only there’s an apocalypse. Oh and she’s one of the Arcana, which he has no idea about. 

There was so much imbalance between the amount of pining over each other and everything else. Every time I felt like, okay it’s going fine and something’s going to happen related to the plot, we get Evie fantasizing about Jackson again.

There also wasn’t any actual bonding between them. Just some chemistry which appears out of nowhere at times, and them simply wanting each other.

In short, I did NOT get the romance.


My major issues are

  1. The romance.
  2. The fact that I still do not know what exactly Arcana is. There was too much Evie and Jackson going on for actual substance on Arcana.

The only saving grace, which prevented me from giving the book one star, would be the end. That was when something finALLY HAPPENED. I went through the whole book waiting for an “it” factor and for some action. I got it in the very end, and it wasn’t that long either.

will read the next book, because:

  • it doesn’t seem as if I’ve read one whole book. The incompleteness is felt.
  • everyone I’ve spoken to who has read this series loves it. Why.
  • I want to know what Arcana actually is.
  • I have a feeling the second book is going to be better?


Have you read The Arcana Chronicles? What did you think? Or is it on your TBR? Have you read any other Kresley Cole books? Also my thoughts on this books are so jumbled I still don’t know if the review turned out okay, so let me know if you understood what I’m trying to say 😛

10 thoughts on “Poison Princess || how did I just get through the whole book”

  1. Haha. I definitely understood what you were trying to say here. Too bad that it wasn’t good but good that it was good enough to make you want the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a hate love relationship with this series. Totally agree with you on everything you said. It’s really not that great but I just like the whole premise of the arcana hunger games and that’s what pushes me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So do you think I should continue reading the series? I haven’t worked up enough enthusiasm to read the second book yet.


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