5 things that make your posts more likely to be read


Hey, you!

If you’re a blogger, you would of course want to get your blog more out and want that you posts be read more. There are always things you could do to improve, and today I’m here with the five most important ones—in my opinion. Let’s jump straight into it!

1. Provide a link on twitter

Twitter is one of the best platforms for socialising. Your tweet could reach tons of new people and gather attention simply with a retweet, or a hashtag. There’s no private/public boundaries and that makes it all the more better.

Build your account on twitter and frequently post links to your blog posts. Everyone has a limited amount of time to spend, and most wouldn’t bother searching through the net for your blog after seeing a tweet. Links make it so much easier.

2. Write a catchy title

This is a constant point of importance. I’ve seen it mentioned several times and have also started noticing the difference.

Try to come up with various ways to rephrase the title and pick the best. Also, try to be specific. It shows that you mean business and that you WILL deliver instead of simply rambling in paragraphs.

For example, “7 ways to improve your daily routine” sounds way better than “how to improve your routine” or “improve your daily routine in these 7 ways”.

3. Your post must promise (and deliver!) something

Use the same example as above. What will your readers get by reading your post? Let them know. And also make sure that you are delivering enough content on that topic to satisfy the reader.

4. Blog post header/main graphic

Graphics are very important. Pictures catch the eye, and with a bold caption on it, the graphic could very well double your post views. The featured image for the post must be aesthetic, catchy, and also going alone with the content of your post. Several times, readers get hooked through the graphic and not the line of text saying your title.

5. Hashtags on social media

Do you know what they are? Then use them everywhere you can! Hashtags are your best friend when you want to get more exposure. It is important especially on twitter. Include the category of your post or what it talks about in hashtags. This is to specifically target those looking into something for which YOUR post could help. When users search for those tags, your specific post shows up and it builds traffic. This is mostly to bring in new audiences.


Each of these points take a few minutes more of your time, but they make all the difference. In the end, though, it is also important to keep your readers. It all boils down to content. Make sure your blog post content is good, and the rest are just helping hands pulling you ahead.

Do you follow any of these points already? Do you agree with them? Can you come up with any other tips to hook in readers? Make sure to share them with us below!

26 thoughts on “5 things that make your posts more likely to be read”

    1. Give importance to content of the post. That’s always the first and foremost thing.

      As for the frequency of posts, there are many theories as to which work but in the end, there is no point in keeping up with a frequent posting schedule if your posts aren’t of good quality. Quality over quantity, always. Just have a posting schedule of your comfort and it’ll work out.

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  1. I nod like crazy in every number. All of these I completely agree with, especially giving importance to your content. It doesn’t matter whether you have a catchy title or a drool-worthy graphics (tho they’re really helpful), but if the meat of your blog post doesn’t deliver… poof.
    Speaking of drool-worthy graphics, CAN I JUST SAY THAT YOURS ARE AESTHETIC AF?? I’ve seen them on Twitter and I’m so glad I’ve finally found the time to check your blog out! 😊

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    1. THANK YOU! I don’t find much time to do graphics other than the headers, so it makes my day when I get complimented for them :’)

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  2. I enjoyed this post because I myself am a blogger but I’m still having a hard time building traffic to my site. I always thought I can write the best content but it wouldn’t be good because not everyone sees it. But all in all, I definitely enjoyed this post for sure. ❤️

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      1. Yes. Plus I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years (although I only wrote 10 posts). It just so happens that THIS year is the first time I’ve taken it seriously since I’ve learned more about EVERYTHING when it comes to making money and traffic being sent to the blog. Also i believe it’s wonderful to be in a blogging community because we have so much in common though we write different things.

        But all in all I hope when I write my next content, it’ll be booming with traffic.

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      2. Consistent posting is definitely a large factor in search engines and hence traffic. I’m sure now that you’re blogging seriously, it’ll make a difference. Good luck!

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