April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus!

april wrap-up+ I'm back!.png

Hey everyone! It’s been a whole month since you’ve gotten a peep from me on this blog. Well, I’m back from my hiatus now, so worry not! You shall get a dose of my awesomeness (*cough*) frequently!

I also didn’t do a wrap-up for April since I went off, so let’s get down to that first thing!

Book reviews

Guest posts

Other posts



Writing under 25 words (1)

ten things that will make me NOT want to reason a book immediately

The Writer's ink challenge

7 books I need to read ASAP

ten things that will make me want to read a book immediately

Favourites in music

TV shows I watched

13 reasons whyβ€”obviously! I watched it the week it came out. I had read the book a little over a year back and really wanted to check it out. It made me feel so much, especially in the last few episodes! πŸ’”

I watched the first two seasons of Gossip Girl and then I gave up on it. The first season was okay, but I trudged through the second hoping that a miracle would occur but no such luck. Then I moved on to..

Orphan Black! I had heard of it before but never knew what it what about, and I couldn’t understand properly in a synopsis as well. So I jumped right into it and LOVED the first season! My enthusiasm slowly decreased after that but I shall elaborate later.

And with later, I mean in my reviews. I’m planning on posting reviews on both Gossip Girl and Orphan Black talking about what I thought in detail. Coming soon!

I also took a decision and deleted my Instagram

I’m talking about @mebeingquixotic where I posted pictures of books and bullet journalling. I’ve been finding it hard to cope up with college, life, blog AND Instagram. So I took this hiatus to think about it and I deleted the Instagram account last week.

I felt really guilty for not giving it enough attention and sometimes I’d go more than a week before posting anything on it. And besides, the account hadn’t grown AT ALL in about three months, and I wasn’t happy with it as well. So, yeah. I deleted it. I will still definitely be on twitter though, no need to worry about that. I like it a little too much. πŸ˜›
And that’s it for April! I shall see you in a couple of days with all-new posts and renewed energy. Until then!

How was YOUR April? And May? What did I miss? Tell me everything!Β 

9 thoughts on “April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus!”

  1. Orphan Black is one of my favorites TV show but I still think you should give the other seasons a try because they elaborate more about the origin and new clones are introduced and if you did continue, beware for season 2 ending! But honestly, try it because I’ve been waiting for someone who also watch it haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I watched all the four seasons πŸ˜… the first season was BRILLIANT but I didn’t like the further ones as much.


  2. Hi …welcome back
    April- May gone good.
    You deleted instagram…surprise …okey that was your personal account. I hope you will give enough time to WordPress and Twitter.
    You was not described anything new happened!

    Liked by 1 person

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