Ten things than will make me NOT want to read a romance book

Hey y’all! Welcome back to another TTT post!

Top Ten Things is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and The Bookish.

The topic for this week is Top Ten Things that will make me want to NOT read a book immediately (or something along those lines..) but when I was thinking what I would write under it, I realised most of it are pet peeves about romances. So I tweaked the title and viola!

1. POV synopsis on Goodreads

When the synopsis on Goodreads is written in perspective of (one of) the MCs. I HATE that. Most time it leaves the synopsis looking vague and I end up not picking it up because I’m worried I won’t like it.

2. MCs who don’t think

You know those girls or guys who literally use no brains to make decisions and simply coast through life, whining about their problems but actually doing nothing about it? Then they keep making mistakes and taking stupid decisions simply because THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS? Well, STAHP. I CAN’T TAKE THIS NO MORE. I need substance and actual reason besides “chemistry”and “who-knows-why-love”. If the two don’t match, or the other is a jerk, and the MC FRICKING KNOWS IT but doesn’t leave because LOVE??? Yeah, no.

3. Too darn controlling romantic interests

Usually found in Adult romance books, where the guy is usually a bajillionare with a hot bod and “intimidating” looks with a killer smile that could melt you into a puddle. Of course, he’s also paranoid and spends a fraction of his cash (which is worth double the female MC’s life and also mine) employing bodyguards for her, having her followed, mysteriously pays for her shopping before she finishes purchasing etc etc. The girl also usually ends up doing something only after thinking of/obtaining permission from him, like, WHAT. GURL, HAVE SOME INDEPENDENCE. If he’s controlling you, LEAVE. Gosh. I HATE such stories from the core of my heart. Ugh.

4. A bunch of Goodreads reviews rating the book 5 stars, are ARC reviews AND showcase pictures of celebrities they imagine the MCs to be (where the guy usually is portrayed half naked)

I can handle one or two such reviews, because every book blogger has their right to review their preferred way. But if most of the reviews (especially in a row on the top) are such, I get a fishy feeling. They also quote many lines from the book, which totally turn me off the book. But above all, it’s the character casting. CAN PEOPLE CHILL WITH THE SHIRTLESS GUYS FOR A SEC? THANKS.

5. Too fast-paced romantic relationships

If it looks like there’s no real connection, or the couple are moving way too fast with no base/time taken to build the relationship, I’m out. It’s unreal. I also would rather they didn’t move in two days after they met, one and a half days after they slept together, and half a day after saying heartly stuff. Um, no thanks, bye.

6. Where MC falls in love with stalker/kidnapper/abuser etc

I just can NOT see these scenarios happening. I’m sorry to all the authors and reviewers but I refuse to read a book where the MC ends up with the person who caused her pain or meant unwell. And then suddenly love her? Yeah, right.

While looking for Goodreads lists on NA romances, I’ve come across a couple books where the MC falls in love with her kidnapper/stalker and I couldn’t get out of those pages fast enough. It’s listed somewhere near the top, too! Is it just me who thinks this?

7. Jerk guys and dumb girls who keep forgiving the guys cuz chemistry/sexual tension/love.


8. Where the guy sleeps with every girl until “the one” who is the first person to reject him and also turns out to be a virgin

The first fact is fine. But the last part? Toooooo darn cliche. Done too much already.
No thanks.

9. Where kids are rude to their parents for absolutely no reason

They’ve spent years of their lives for you, have been nice to you and are the best. But, no. I shall be an angsty teen who goes against her parents for no reason and blames them for everything I should b blaming myself/my ex/my love interest for.

10. When the guy is a lovesick puppy and has no life besides living around the life of the girl


Seriously, though. I think I’ve only come across one such book (whose title I forgot because I was so eager to forget it) and I hated it enough. Not again. I hated it.

Did you participate in this week’s TTT as well? What are the things that make YOU want to stop reading/not pick up a book? Do you relate to any o my points?

3 thoughts on “Ten things than will make me NOT want to read a romance book”

  1. 😂 at your descriptions. God I despise that stalker kidnapper romance thing. I rated a book one star recently because of it and I’ve removed all the authors books from my wishlist.

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