Ten things that will make me want to read a book INSTANTLY

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Hey y’all!

I’ve seen Top Ten Tuesday posts going around for a long time but since I scheduled most of my posts way ahead in time, I didn’t participate. I decided to do a few posts a month around the time it’s published, SO here I am doing my first Top Ten Tuesday which is hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and The Bookish.

1. It’s blurbed by one of my favourite authors

I shall be there to check out the synopsis, reviews, ratings etc etc immediately. If so-and-so has blurbed it, it MUST  be good because he/she HAS TASTE, OKAY?

2. The MCs (Main Characters) meet during travel

i.e. on an aeroplane, cab, bus, train, ship etc. It feels like a great beginning when they meet on travel, and the second I find books with such beginnings, I’m on that shiz! Pretty sure I even talked about the best meetings on a guest post a while back.

3. Reviews that call it ADORABLE

ADORABLE. ADORBS. SO CUTE. Words that draw me in instantly. What can I say? I’ve got a thing for adorable stories and characters.

4. MCs who are artists

Writers, painters, designers, tattoists, musicians, cooks, actors—you name it. Stories focused on these careers immediately get my attention. Maybe because I don’t know many (read:know hardly any) people who go in that direction professionally in real life.

5. Also, MCs studying engineering

Whichever engineering stream it is. Simply because I’m an engineering student as well.

6. Showcasing/set in touristy cities

Italy, Spain, Tokyo, France, INDIA (just going to subtly add in promo for my own country. Real subtle.) etc. Places which have diversity, history, tradition etc.

7. Secret-baby romance trope

A while back I went crazy and read all romance novels I could get my hands on with secret baby romance tropes. Literally. I COULDN’T STOP. I also couldn’t read many which were listed on Goodreads (because not all are available in India *cries*). Sad lief. I will make a post on it talking about my favourites ones, though. Stay tuned.

8. Anything centered around fandoms, geeks, nerds..

and the like. Example: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde which I absolutely ADORED.

9. NA romances set in college

I’ve actually run out of such books to read?? Like, none of the ones remaining sound good enough??? I’m hopping onto NetGalley to find ones I would like now???? Never thought this day would come. Especially not this soon.

10. Dystopian

I somehow am always drawn to dystopian novels. Anything in those lines will have me give a few minutes of attention, at least.

And we’ve come to the end of my first TTT!

What characteristics make YOU want to read a book immediately? What draws you in? Have you published a post on this week’s TTT as well? (If so, don’t forget to comment your link so I can check it out!) 

10 thoughts on “Ten things that will make me want to read a book INSTANTLY”

    1. Haha secret baby romance trope is basically that a couple were together, then broke up and the girl ended up pregnant. The guy doesn’t know for some reason and finds out years later and they fall in love again (obviously since it’s after all a romance book).
      Thank you!

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  1. Ahhhh I absolutely LOVED Queens of Geek too!! It was so adorable (omg there is your word 😂) and I love fangirl book appreciation!! And books about art are also most fabulous. I haven’t read many but I looove it when I find them because I’ve always secretly wanted to be better at art haha.😂

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  2. Have you read Alex, Approximately? It’s about two teens who are old film geeks who meet online 🙂 well it’s more complicated than that but I loved it – plus, they’re so adorable.

    Someone on here recommended it to me – if it was you I’m sorry! 😀

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