March Wrap-up


This month has gone by so sloooooow. I’ve almost been waiting for it to be over because time doesn’t seem to go by fast anymore. Maybe because the new year vibe is gone now? The productivity, resolutions and determination to see through has faded a lot. My monthly goals are hardly about my 2017 resolutions now. I’m just making ones which suit for the time-being. March has been really unproductive, lacked motivation and plain boring for me. Other than a couple things in real life, it’s been uneventful. Probably what cemented my decision to take a hiatus—because I’m just not motivated enough to blog.

Anyway, let’s look back on the month:

Number of books read: 25

Therefore, my Goodreads challenge stands at 55/150.


Other posts published:






Life update (1).png

Movies and TV shows I watched

I watched Beauty and the Beast with my mum a few days back and it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved it ❤

I didn’t watch any TV shows, although I scrolled through the feed of a One Tree Hill fanpage on Instagram. I really want to re-watch the show and have only watched one episode of season 5 (that’s where I’m starting my re-watch) yet, but I hope to find time soon.

I’ll tell ya what show I DIDN’T watch—Shadowhunters. The story has veered too much away from the books and I don’t like it. I don’t even like most of the cast. I just watched because it was promised to be very similar to the books, unlike the movie, but in season 2 they’ve gone so far away that there is no point of return. It’s worse than the movie. I shall not be watching the show anymore and have said adieu.

Songs I was obsessed with

Best on Instagram


And that’s it for March!

How was your March? Which songs were you obsessed with? Which Movies and TV shows did you watch (or stop watching)? Let me know below! And do link me up to your Wrap-up, if you’ve published one!

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